Governor needs to be accountable

Hurrah for Tina Furnass and her letter to the editor in the May 14 View.

If I could expand on her explanation of the death rate in Michigan as ‘defined’ by our Governor, I would like to have defined the number of Michigan deaths in nursing homes where our Governor placed COVID positive patients without adequate PPE and training to handle them.

This decision, as was also done by Governor Cuomo in New York, accounted for over 5,000 deaths (at least) of the total death count of New York. This was recently reported by Governor Cuomo. If our Governor is following the procedures of New York, then report the statistics of deaths in Michigan that were caused by her decision – own up to it!

These numbers can more clearly define the COVID deaths in Michigan that were not caused by a poor decision of Governors. Governor Cuomo owned his decision – I challenge Governor Whitmer to do the same. We deserve to know what deaths her decision caused. — Joan Stone, Flushing