Grand Blanc council approves ‘artsy’ beautification plans

GRAND BLANC — The Grand Blanc City Council has approved a master plan for beautification.

“The welcome signs and wayfinding signs are probably most exciting part of the plan,” said Assistant City Manager Christina Irwin. “We will also install more benches and place them where people are apt to walk more. We will be improving the streetscape. We’re also looking at painting some of the benches with artwork, like we did with the utility boxes. We’re just very artsy like that.”

The five-year plan was crafted by a beautification committee that also makes recommendations for what flowers will adorn the community, where the flowers will go, and other aesthetics.

“This is a way to say, ‘where else do we want to beautify the City of Grand Blanc?’” Irwin said.

The first year of the plan addresses planters, signage and public art. Adding more low-level planters and clustering planters will add color and visual interest.

The plan also calls for replacing the current welcome signs with signs displaying the city’s colors and logo. In addition, wayfinding signs are to be installed to draw attention to “interesting or important areas of the city,” including the parks and major attractions.

The first year’s goals further include adding artwork to the city-owned dumpster enclosure and initiating dialogue with local business owners to follow suit with their enclosures.

For the second year, the plan calls for installing benches at key locations, such as bus stops and “other places walkers would require a rest.”

Additionally, streetscape improvements, a multi-phased project, will begin with the objective of adding “color and dimension.” That could include increasing the number of lampposts, flowers, fixtures or other streetscape elements.

The plan addresses decorative lighting, park improvements and public art in year three. Potential projects include a lighted pathway in the park, additional gardens, statues, a bandshell or some other major project.

In year four, the plan calls for more benches to create “an atmosphere of placemaking and walkability,” and more flowers and lampposts.

For the fifth year, the plan calls for improving the functionality of bus stops through the addition of attractive enclosures to create “a unique look while providing a service to the community.”