Grand Blanc JV football coach fired for making inflammatory comments on podcast

GRAND BLANC — Grand Blanc Community Schools has fired head JV football coach Travis Neville for making derogatory statements about a player on his personal podcast.

Neville, who coached the Grand Blanc JV team since 2018, was terminated last Monday after school officials were made aware of a podcast in which he used expletives and inflammatory language to criticize an eighth-grade student who chose to transfer to another school.

During his YouTube podcast episode titled “Entitlement,” Neville criticized the former player’s character and questioned his motivation for transferring.

“Honestly good riddance to that mother f***er,” Neville said on his podcast. “Everything I saw about him is he’s a lazy full of s**t…like not the kind of guy we want.”

Neville has since removed the podcast episode.

Grand Blanc Deputy Superintendent Trevor Alward issued the following statement on behalf of the district on April 26 to address Neville’s firing:

“A video of an episode of the GBHS JV Football Coach’s personal podcast was brought to the administration’s attention this afternoon, which contained inflammatory comments and inappropriate language when referring to a student-athlete. The video has since been taken down, but the district would like to make clear that the conduct and language of this adult was not acceptable and not representative of the views of our school district. The coach was quickly dismissed from any and all duties by the GBHS Athletic Department.”

Neville could not be reached for comment in the “Grand Blanc View.”