Grand Blanc Schools and GBPD show public support for BLM

This past weekend brought the city of Grand Blanc its first official Black Lives Matter event of 2021. The student-led protest began at Grand Blanc High School, where activists were greeted with support from the district superintendent and other GBCS administrators.

From the school, protesters marched down Saginaw Street, with police escort, to the Grand Blanc Police Department. Activists met the building with chants for justice and black lives.

Toting a GBPD-supplied megaphone, three teenagers made their way to the steps of the police station. They took turns accosting the police, accusing the community of individual and institutional racism, and sharing stories of victimhood. The crowd hooted, some hollered, then it was over.

Here are my thoughts.

The young, impressionable activists were not speaking their truth, they were parroting a popular political narrative. Everything that was said has been said before, in some variation, at previous protests. Fortunately, everyone behaved themselves. However, I’m not thrilled that GBCS and the GBPD both showed public support for BLM.

Black Lives Matter is not your stereotypical advocacy group. They’re a byproduct of Critical Race Theory, responsible for inciting riots and forcibly taking over cities. Violence is more common than uncommon at their larger gatherings. “Blue Lives Murder” bumper stickers are dispersed at their local marches. And, exploiting tragedies is their M.O. In a sane world our public leaders would be shunning this crowd, not welcoming them.

Which begs the question, why is such a controversial group receiving such special treatment from our public institutions? Could you imagine the city of Grand Blanc shutting down lanes of traffic, midday, on the weekend, to ensure an equally controversial group like the Proud Boys have a safe protest? Imagine the Proud Boys gaining permission to gather at Grand Blanc High School, to use Grand Blanc School’s official insignia on their propaganda, or to spray-paint the words “All Lives Matter” on the large decorative rock sitting out front of Grand Blanc High School. And I wonder, if it were a right-wing group, would the High School Principal, Superintendent, and School Liaison Officer have stood in solidarity with them? — David Rowe, Grand Blanc