Grand Blanc Twp. to get spruced up welcome signs as part of new brand image



GRAND BLANC TWP. — As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

As part of ongoing efforts to create a brand image for Grand Blanc Township, officials here want to make sure the community makes a memorable impression with new signs at the gateways, a new logo and website, and a welcome packet for new residents.

“The welcome sign is our doorstep,” said township Supervisor Scott Bennett. “The impression we put on (visitors’) minds when they’re pulling off the exit is important. We need to make sure people say, ‘Gosh, I’ve gotta look into that Grand Blanc Township; it looks like they’ve got some things going on there.’”

Executive Coordinator Melissa Roberts has been doing the yeoman’s share of the work on a new website, which is scheduled to launch in mid-January.

“The work Melissa has been doing on the website is enormous,” Bennett said. “It’s quite an exhaustive project that’s being undertaken.”

Roberts also has worked with consultants at Action Traffic on developing a new logo which she describes as “nice and clean and simple.”

“The logo is so important,” Roberts said. “That’s the whole point of this: branding and recognition.”

The trademark features wisps of blue and green set in a circular pattern, and the township’s slogan, “A Community in Motion.”

“We wanted to use the colors we’ve been using to stay true to what we’ve been doing. We also wanted something to symbolize the motion – a community in motion,” Roberts said.

The logo will be used on documents such as business cards, as well as waymarkers.

“One of the big things is signage at all of the entrances to the township,” Roberts said, adding that Action Traffic is working up a quote for the sign project. “The other thing we’re working on is the entrance signs for I-75 in a couple of locations, and a sign to the entrance of our building (the township hall).”

The existing sign is “pretty old,” and “it will be nice to have something new and refreshing,” she said.

The highway signage could be a monument sign off to the side, or something that spans the overpass. Either way, it will have to be impressive to let people know they’ve arrived in Grand Blanc Township, she said.

Additional attention will be afforded to sprucing up the exits with landscaping and lighting, Bennett said. He noted that Auburn Hills and Vienna Township both have beautiful signs and landscaping at the highway, as does Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Board of Trustees will continue to discuss the township’s brand image, as well as efforts to clean up the northern gateway area, at upcoming meetings.