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The Michigan State Spartans take care of business downing the Nebraska Cornhuskers, 41- 28, last Saturday. I predicted a Spartan victory and they delivered like I thought they would. This MSU football team has come a long way since September. The defense is better than anyone thought it would be. The issue was going to be offensively. The quarterback roulette wheel ended and Connor Cook won the job. Mr. Cook has mixed up the right ingredients since being installed as the starter. I see his confidence growing each and every single week. He looked pretty darned good last weekend. I mean, for Sparty to hang 41 points up on the Huskers on the road is pretty impressive.

Michigan State has put itself into position for a Big Ten Championship showdown with the Buckeyes of Ohio State here in three weeks. All the Spartans have to do is win at Northwestern on Saturday or have Minnesota lose to Wisconsin on Saturday. Actually, I think both will happen. MSU will dispose of Northwestern and Wisconsin will derail the Golden Gophers of Minnesota. Let’s not forget, Michigan State and Minnesota play one another on the last week of the season. It could all come down to that game, but I doubt it will. The Spartans have a shot at the Buckeyes in three weeks. Remember, you heard it here first.

Top dogs

How about the Spartans’ basketball team ranked No. 1? I know it’s way too early and being ranked No. 1 means nothing in the long run. I think it’s good for the players to experience the pressure of being No. 1, though. Every single team will give you their best shot on the court every single night. Let’s also factor in it’s good for recruiting purposes. It’s good times for all of Sparty Nation so far here in 2013.

The Michigan football fans have to be wondering what in H-E-double hockey sticks is going on? I mean, really, a last-second field goal just to tie Northwestern, which was winless in the Big Ten? It makes me want to puke where this program is headed. I watched the second half and wished I was in a dentist chair getting teeth pulled with no anesthesia being administered! That was a pitiful performance, man! Who cares if they won? If the Michigan slappie is happy with that victory, then he is a true slappie! Enjoy the Liberty Bowl!

Brady Hoke said they were resilient! That is almost laughable! Michigan fans (me included) should also be happy basketball season is here! I never thought I would be so happy to see Michigan football season be over. Hurry up and be over !

Fake effort

The Lions put on a “fake effort” last Sunday. Really, coach Schwartz? A fake field goal on the road in rainy conditions, with a guy who never carries the football? Sam Martin carried it like Steve Martin; it was that comical. Hey, Jimmy, didn’t you see Reggie Bush fumble the football twice earlier in the game? I did. If you would have kicked the field goal, your team would have been up by seven points in the fourth quarter, in the worst case you would have gone to overtime in order to win. Hey, Jimmy, your secondary has more holes in it than Obama Care! I know you know that much; you watch them every week. Most teams only try that “Trickoration” when they have a solid defense. I thought Matt Stafford was horrendous in this game for three quarters of football. Calvin Johnson zero catches in the second half of this game! Z-E-R-O, I say! I might say that was a good second-half adjustment made by someone! I just believe you let a game get away you could have won. The next two games are at home against Tampa Bay and the Green Bay Packers. The Lions need to win both of these games and they will be in good shape!

Frustration reigns

Can the Detroit Red Wings ever win a
shootout? Apparently not, as they have lost
three straight shootouts. They have lost 10
of the last 13 games! Come on!
Here are this week’s NFL picks. …
New Orleans -7.5 over ATLANTA
DETROIT -9 over Tampa Bay
Jacksonville +10 over HOUSTON
Minnesota +5 over GREEN BAY
San Diego +5 over KANSAS CITY
MIAMI +5 over Carolina
CLEVELAND -2.5 over Pittsburgh
ST. LOUIS -1 over Chicago
BALTIMORE -3.5 over New York Jets
OAKLAND -1 over Tennessee
ARIZONA -2.5 over Indianapolis
Dallas +2.5 over NY GIANTS
NEW ENG. +2.5 over Denver
San Fran. -5 over WASH.
LAST WEEK: 6-6-3
SEASON: 72-82-9
BEST BET: 6-4-1

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