Hagerman Foundation continues catalyzing $75K investment

FLINT – Thanks to the ongoing generosity of The Hagerman Foundation, Flint youth are experiencing life-changing experiences that include mentoring, lifeskills and spiritual development.

The Hagerman Foundation has provided $75,000 to Young Life of Genesee County to support ongoing program expansion for the 1,100 students in Flint high schools.

Young Life in Genesee County is approaching its 54th year, 16 years in the City of Flint, thanks to an anonymous donor who once lived in the city and continues to support the mission there.

The Hagerman Foundation, two years ago, provided a generous grant to catalyze Young Life’s urban outreach efforts to reach even more youth in the city of Flint and its surrounding neighborhoods. Over the years, Young Life has touched, if not impacted, the lives of hundreds of Flint youth, meeting with them regularly, attending their events, going with them to attend one of Young Life’s five-star fall weekends and summer camps.

“Our staff and team of volunteers meet daily with Flint youth,” said Sue Frownfelter, Area Director for Young Life. “They are trained with the most current and effective methods of reaching into the hearts and minds of urban youth and the challenges they face. All are background-checked and sign Faith and Conduct agreements.”

The Hagerman grant will allow Young Life to expand the necessary programming to more effectively reach the 1100 students enrolled in Flint schools, “but much more is needed as we face escalating program costs due to limited transportation, limited finances within the population, and ongoing challenges facing our urban core,” Frownfelter said.

“We have been so pleased with Genesee County Young Life and their expansion for programming supporting youth in Flint,” said Jocelyn Hagerman, CEO, The Hagerman Foundation. “They not only invite teens to an amazing camp in northern Michigan, they create relationships through mentoring programs, and provide hope through spiritual guidance.”

Young Life is an international faith-based non-profit organization that has been active in Genesee County since 1965, thanks to the vision and heart of late businessman Woody Skaff who spearheaded the outreach to unchurched youth. Since then, thousands of area youth have been positively impacted by the high-energy programming and one-onone relational mentoring that occurs with Young Life staff and volunteers.

Fred Jones is Flint’s staff associate for Young Life. He is responsible for a trained team of volunteer adult leaders to expand Young Life’s impact on a greater number of teenage males and females in Flint. He and his wife, Janice, are committed to building healthy relationships with unchurched youth in need of direction. Together they lead bible studies, team building, mentoring, community service activities, and weekly Young Life meetings as a group.

“This is indeed a wonderful thing that the Hagerman Foundation has done,” Jones said. “This grant will help jumpstart our existing efforts in bringing the city’s youth up to the level they should be. There are certainly things to be concerned about in Flint, however, I believe that there’s much to be grateful for, as well as excited about. With the help of the Hagerman Foundation, and others, we are looking forward to being a part of Flint’s rebirth!”

Jones also is responsible for creating a Mission Community of adults, churches and other entities that actively support the urban efforts and expansion. The volunteer committee is expected to provide ongoing critical support to the ministry including prayer, finances, counsel, and, as needed, transportation, space for group events and/or food.

Details: Email sfrownfelter@genco. younglife.org or call 810-391-02189. – G.G.

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