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The long overdue enshrinement into baseball’s hall of fame has finally ended for Jack Morris and Alan Trammell. These two former Detroit Tigers will always hold a place in my heart after winning the 1984 World Series. I remember the 35-5 start like it was yesterday. Jack Morris was a workhorse on the mound in the 1980s. He led all pitchers in innings pitched at 2,444.2 and wins with 162 and also recorded 1,629 strikeouts. The bottom line is, Jack was a winner. You hear that term tagged on many athletes, but it was so true with Captain Jack. He played on four World Series champions in his 18 seasons in the ‘Bigs.” I loved that during his speech how much credit he showered on manager Sparky Anderson. Sparky taught Jack how to fight through adversity according to Jack. The World Series he won in Minnesota, a 1-0 complete game, in a Game Seven was a thing of beauty. It took Jack convincing manager Tom Kelly to leave him in the game after a solid nine innings of pitching. I just can’t believe it took the veterans committee to have him elected to the hall of fame.

The committee also elected Detroit Tiger Alan Trammell. Alan played all 20 seasons in Detroit at shortstop and played the game the way it was meant to be played. Alan was not flashy, just steady day in and day out. I will honestly say that Tram and Lou Whitaker were the best double-play combination in the history of the game. The fact that Lou is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame is an absolute crime. Alan won four Gold Glove Awards and was a six-time All-Star. It was a special day for those two players, and a special day for all of us who followed the Detroit Tigers. Sweet Lou, it’s your turn next!!

Hard-heading ruling

I want to say this new NFL football rule of helmet to helmet contact is an absolute joke. The rule says it will penalize players 15 yards for lowering their helmets upon contact. The play also comes with a chance for the player to be ejected for targeting. Let’s just make this the NFL flag football league for Pete’s sake! Let me ask this valid question. What is a defensive player supposed to do when the offensive player lowers his head into the defense? Yeah, you can see the problem, can’t you? I know I can. This new rule will force guys to aim at a player’s knees instead of hitting them up high. If I am a player, I want to know what part of a player is hitting me in the knees. The NFL is not football anymore. It’s becoming a joke and will start to lose numerous fans; you can bank on it.

NFL free agency Ferris wheel

The NFL has some serious free agents still looking for new teams. The number-one man on the list is former Dallas Cowboy, Dez Bryant. The fact he comes with so much controversy and baggage has teams shying away from him, that’s my thoughts anyway. I know eventually some team will sign him to a oneyear deal. It’s just who that will be is the question. Dez is only 29 and has lots of good football left in him. It’s the rest of him that’s the problem. A couple of other receivers in Eric Decker and Jeremy Maclin also are available.

Changing of the guard

What is going on at Detroit Lions’ camp so far? The Lions new coach, Matt Patricia, is putting the team through a physical camp. The Lions are actually practicing tackling? I believe tackling is an important part of football. However, under Jim Caldwell, the Lions did not do much tackling in practice. I like the change and hate it when the Lions miss tackles during the season with lousy efforts. The fact that they are also doing more running in practice should also help. Being in shape for four quarters is pretty important, right? It makes sense to me.

A tougher and more physical Lions football team in 2018 will be a welcome sight for me. I hate soft football teams and when you see it on the field it makes me mad. When’s the last time someone said the Lions were a tough and physical football team? I can’t remember either! Come on, Lions, toughen up. Coach Patricia keep up the good work! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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