HAP joins Shelter of Flint as meal sponsor

FLINT — Shelter of Flint has announced a grant from HAP to sponsor meals in its emergency shelter through the month of December.

“Just like many of us who have been spending a great deal more time at home these days and getting acquainted with our kitchens,” said Shelter of Flint President and CEO Linda Bielskis, “COVID has had an impact on how many meals we serve each day at the shelter. Children aren’t going to school and getting meals there and fewer adults are leaving the shelter during the day, which translates to more people at each meal. These extra meals are stretching our food dollars thin and that is why we are especially grateful to HAP for this assistance.”

Food insecurity – the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food – is a serious problem in our community. For individuals and families facing homelessness, the problem is exacerbated. Sometimes parents must choose between keeping a roof over their heads or feeding their children. Those who are without a home lack the ability to prepare meals and, if they are able to buy food at all, the only options are usually cheap and unhealthy fast foods.

“Consistent access to nutritious and fresh food is critical to everyone’s health and well-being,” said Bridget Hollingsworth-Stafford, director of Mid-Michigan Marketing, Health Alliance Plan. “Anytime we get an opportunity to participate in a program that addresses food insecurity like Shelter of Flint, which provides vital services to the people of Flint who need it most, we make significant progress toward our ultimate goal of improving overall health outcomes across the State of Michigan. HAP is proud to sponsor meals at Shelter of Flint.”

Shelter of Flint makes sure residents of its emergency shelter receive three healthy meals a day. For many, this is the first time in their lives they have had enough to eat.

“Thanks to HAP,” Bielskis added “Shelter of Flint will be able to bridge the gap in our food demand and ensure that all of our families receive the nutritious meals they need.”

Shelter of Flint has been in operation since 1983, integrating programs and services with safe, affordable housing to help low income and homeless individuals and families achieve independence and stability.

Details: Visit shelterofflint.org. G.G.