Having a good time on Father’s Day

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Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

When I picked up my kids the morning of Father’s Day I was determined to have a good day, no matter what. The way I look at it this is the one day every year (with the exception of my birthday) set aside for me and I’m going to enjoy it.

Arriving to pick them up promptly at 10 a.m. our first destination was breakfast. I wanted to have a nice, sit-down breakfast on Father’s Day with my kids, so I took them to a local restaurant I knew we would all enjoy.

Apparently every dad in the area also enjoyed this restaurant, because they were lined up out the door. Not to be deterred, we drove to the next restaurant on my list and didn’t even bother getting out when we couldn’t find a parking spot. We tried one more place and although the line was short, the kids didn’t want to wait to eat.

So we settled on the fast food alternative. We drove to the restaurant in question, ordered our food and when the order came up it wasn’t exactly what we asked for. Five minutes, a partial refund of my money and a frustrated clerk later, we had our order and sat down to eat.

Appetites quenched for the moment, it was on to home so we could figure out where we were going. While at home the familiar topic of “let’s get a dog” came up. It seems for Father’s Day the kids thought I should buy myself a dog — even though my roommate/cousin already owns two dogs.

How considerate of them, but I had to politely decline the “gift” of a dog, cat or other creatures I would find myself taking care of when I really don’t want to.

We decided on putt-putt golf, gokarts and arcade games for our afternoon so I sent the kids out to get in the van while I got a few things together. When I finally got to the car they were already inside — with my cousin’s dog — who they decided was coming along (because dogs and puttputt or go karts go hand-inhand, right?).

Ordering them to get the dog back in the house, Lucy accidentally pushed the dog out the door where she became hung up on her leash. Now hanging by her neck, I had to get the dog free and when I did she ran.

Out of breath from the chase and capture of the animal, like a scene from Dog the Bounty Hunter (no pun intended), I got in the van and we set out. Down the road I guess I had been too overwhelmed by the case and had to pull over with a nauseous stomach. After getting sick, my son Sam looked at me very seriously and said: “Dad, I think it’s from too much stress.”

I looked at him and replied: “Why thank you Dr. Phil for that diagnosis.”

He laughed. “Ha! You called me Dr. Phil.”

So it was on from there to putt-putt and go-karts. And despite the fact they made sure I miraculously made a hole-in-one every time I was up at putt-putt and at the go-karts, Lucy laughed at me because I was driving much slower than she was, we had a wonderful day.

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