Hawks, Rockets Verlander wake up!



All I can say is, really Atlanta Hawks? Really Houston Rockets? These two teams should be embarrassed by their performances in the Eastern and Western Conference NBA Finals. I mean, as of Monday night, both teams are down 3-0 to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. The effort, or I should say lack of effort, by the Houston Rockets in game three at home was down right pitiful. They got blown out by 20-plus points and were never in the basketball game.

This is why I believe a lot of people dislike the NBA. There are just too many nights where players and teams take nights off. However, you would never expect it to happen in the conference finals. I guess my two picks of Golden State and Cleveland hooking up in the NBA Finals looks good at least.

I do know that whatever team you are rooting for to win will be a nice choice. The Cleveland Cavaliers have never won an NBA title and I don’t think the Golden State Warriors have either. The NBA Finals will be worth the watch at least. I am rooting for the Golden State Warriors to win it all. The “King” LeBron James has already won a couple of titles. Sorry city of Cleveland!

Simply outstanding

The NHL playoffs have been outstanding. The Rangers and Lightning have been playing an outstanding series. I find myself rooting for the boys of Tampa Bay just for the fact Steve Yzerman is running the show in the Sunshine State.

I also can accept the fact that they knocked out our Detroit Red Wings in seven games. It makes the pain a little more bearable.

The Anaheim and Chicago series is absolutely must watch if you are a hockey fan. It’s one of the best series I have witnessed in a long, long time. They have a double overtime game and a triple overtime game. Anaheim scored three goals in thirty seven seconds in game four. I never saw anything like it in a playoff game.

Anaheim still lost the darn hockey game, too!

Whomever comes out of the Western Conference is going to win the Stanley Cup. I still like Anaheim to win! What a series!

Final papers

The Mike Babcock era is over after a 10-year run in Hockeytown. The Toronto Maple “Laughs” ponied up big bucks to bring Mr. Babcock to Toronto. Babcock has a huge task in front of him in fixing this underachieving franchise.

I think the Red Wings and Babcock both needed a split from one another. Detroit was not going to pay that kind of money and we all knew it.

I will say that I loved Mike Babcock behind the Red Wings bench. He is a tremendous coach. One of the top five in the NHL for sure. Good Luck in Toronto, Mike.

Depressing Cats

What has happened to Anibal Sanchez? He is pitching like a pitcher in Double A ball in Erie, Penn. The team is called the Erie Seawolves, by the way. Sanchez is giving up home runs like it’s a treat to send a fan home with a souvenir. Detroit cannot survive all summer long with Anibal Sanchez pitching like this. He needs to show some grit and strong outings here, and fast.

The word fast also applies to Justin Verlander. Justin, get that arm healthy. The starting pitching needs your help. It’s funny how fast things change in baseball.

It was just last week I said the Tigers were impressing me and 10 days later they are depressing me.

Hey, real quick, name three Minnesota Twins? I couldn’t do it, either! Who are these guys in Twins uniforms? I thought they would lose 100 games this season. Oh, boy, I missed that by a mile! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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