Health department now requiring masks for pre-K through grade 12

GENESEE COUNTY – The Genesee County Health Department (GCHD) has updated the initial mask order it released Aug. 12, to include pre-Kindergarten and grades seven 7-12.

This order adding pre-Kindergarten and grades 7-12 is effective Sept. 7. The order will remain in effect until community transmission for Genesee County is categorized as “Moderate” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Transmission Indicator for New Cases for at least 14 consecutive days.

Genesee County, according to data as of Aug. 31, is listed as “High” transmission, with 178.9 weekly cases per 100,000.

“Moderate” transmission is weekly cases per 100,000 ranging from 10 to 49. Genesee County case data for the CDC Transmission Indicator for New Cases is available at

The full order is available at G.G.