Healthcare organization announces major change

LANSING — It has been five years since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, which has resulted in thousands of Michigan consumers receiving quality, affordable and necessary healthcare.

The ACA has also allowed for new opportunities within healthcare advocacy and enrollment assistance.

Michigan Consumers for Healthcare has been thankful to be a part of this historical process. MCH has effectively advocated for a consumer-friendly implementation of the ACA, and through the Enroll Michigan program, we created an enrollment network that allowed consumers to get enrollment assistance in their hometowns.

In order to best continue the work of the current MCH network and to provide assistance to Michigan consumers, MCH is pleased to announce a new organizational structure.

Enroll Michigan will become its own 501C3 organization, where Dizzy Warren will serve as the executive director.

The Michigan League for Public Policy will be incorporating the work of Michigan Consumers for Healthcare within their expansive efforts to foster economic opportunity, independence and security for all.

The Michigan Consumers for Healthcare’s work within the Michigan League for Public Policy will focus on consumer-centered health policy research and advocacy, continuing to incorporate the input of the consumer-based healthcare network.

The newly named Enroll Michigan will continue its work to assure that every eligible Michigander is enrolled in the appropriate health insurance plan. — G.G.

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