HealthMarkets Insurance Agency



GENESEE COUNTY – For more than a decade, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency has been providing millions of Americans with unmatched service and coverage at prices they can afford. Because HealthMarkets contracts independent agents, the company’s savings are able to be passed on to their customers. Tiffany Hense has been a HealthMarkets agent for several years, after joining the company because of the freedom and autonomy to operate in multiple states and offer thousands of different coverage options. Tiffany now writes policies for families and individuals throughout all of Michigan, as well as states including West Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Colorado.

Tiffany, who is a Genesee County native, lives in Swartz Creek and operates out of her office in Flint. Tiffany says that her position allows her to meet with clients on their terms – whether that’s in Tiffany’s office, the client’s home, or a conveniently located site of the client’s choosing.

“HealthMarkets gives me the ability to write in as many states as I’d like, and facilitates me and their other agents with a portal that allows us to manage our client base,” explained Tiffany. “It’s been ideal, because I have the support of a big-name insurance agency behind me, but I’m able to operate on my own and help my clients however I can. I can meet with my clients whenever and wherever they choose, which is great for a lot of my older clients – I prefer to meet with them in person, especially if we’re discussing Medicare options, because it can be a little confusing and I like to make sure I’m connecting with them and explaining everything in a way they understand. That way everyone walks away happy.”

Married with three adult children, Tiffany says she understands the importance of keeping one’s family safe and the peace of mind that comes with the security of a comprehensive insurance policy. Because of this, she is uniquely qualified to help you find the right coverage for you – and your pocketbook. She also has access to a considerable amount of other carriers and their rates, so she’s able to tell you exactly which policy will save you the most amount of money while providing the security you need.

For more information about Tiffany and HealthMarkets, or to schedule a free consultation today, visit or call 810.240.3020 today.