HealthPlus announces statewide availability of “Signature” health plans for individuals and families

— HealthPlus of Michigan’s HealthPlus Signature insurance plans for direct purchase by individuals and families are now available throughout Michigan. The plans are designed specifically for individuals 19 to 64 and their families who are looking to purchase affordable health coverage.

Information on HealthPlus Signature plans as well as online quoting and enrollment is available at
Interested persons can also reach Signature sales at 1-877-562-0907 or contact your independent insurance agent for more information.

“We are pleased to be able to expand the availability of our Signature plans to all Michigan residents seeking individual or family health insurance coverage in this difficult economy,” said Nancy Jenkins, HealthPlus vice president of membership growth. Jenkins notes that the HealthPlus Signature plans may be ideal for individuals who are:

• being dropped from a parent’s employer-sponsored coverage

• self-employed

• considering early retirement

• losing their employer-sponsored health coverage

• no longer eligible for governmentsponsored health coverage

• between jobs or just starting a job

As a result of health care reform nationally, many carriers have discontinued selling child-only policies or have limited open enrollment periods. HealthPlus is continuing to offer child-only plans to those 18 and under.

“We remain committed to providing options for families in need of coverage for their children. Child-only polices are an important option since some employers offer insurance just to employees, leaving kids uncovered.” said Graham Smith, HealthPlus Director of Medicare Programs and Individual sales.

Michigan consumers can choose from three types of HealthPlus Signature plans.

• HealthPlus Signature One is designed for young adults between the ages of 19 and 30 with no dependents. It’s intended as a “starter plan” to meet the health coverage needs and budgets of recent high school or college graduates, those starting a career or looking for a job, and those who are no longer eligible under their parents’ coverage.

• HealthPlus Signature Savings is compatible with tax-deductible Health Savings Accounts. The plan has a low monthly premium and members can add pharmacy or maternity coverage.

• HealthPlus Signature Select is a traditional deductible plan designed for individuals and families. These plans also offer low premiums and optional pharmacy and maternity coverage.

A fourth HealthPlus Signature plan, HealthPlus Signature Network, has a limited service area and network of physicians, specialists and other health-care providers. This option works best for people who already have a doctor who contracts directly with HealthPlus.

The HealthPlus Signature plans, which were introduced last year, represented the first major entry into the individual health insurance market for the 30-year-old nonprofit HealthPlus of Michigan corporation. The PPO-style coverage is offered by HealthPlus of Michigan’s for-profit subsidiary, HealthPlus Insurance Company, Inc. — G.G.

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