Healthytown Everywhere, a nonprofit community-based health and wellness initiative based in Royal Oak, will be bringing free health-related services to Hamady Complete Food Center located at 2629 W. Pierson Rd. in Flint on August 18th.

The program, supported by a mini-grant from Oakland University, will include fitness, nutrition, and medical teams composed of student and mentor volunteers from six colleges and health systems and will include: 

• Yoga warm up session followed by Fun walks with Walk with a Doc (

• Grocery Store Tours led by Dietetic Interns and Registered Dieticians to explain and promote healthy buying habits in a store

• Health Fairs led by medical students to offer testing for blood sugar, blood pressure, and Body Mass Indexes (BMI) with post-test consultation services provided by Registered Dieticians and/or Physicians if desired.

• Mini-Medical School led by the Michigan Health Council to engage elementary school children with good health experience and promote career choices

The program will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Hamady Complete Food Center, 2629 Pierson Road in Flint. 

Founded by family physician Paul Ehrmann, D.O., Healthytown Everywhere is designed to promote health and wellness to the whole family. Its mission is to have physicians and allied health professionals replicate, execute, and sustain a healthy living program in their own practice community that promotes a culture of wellness where we live, work, and play by daily application of improved nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle behavior. 

For more information about Healthytown Everywhere, please visit

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