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October baseball is here! The fact that the Detroit Tigers are non-participants is disheartening. The big free agent offseason moves of Jordan Zimmerman and Justin Upton were not enough to put the Tigers in the playoffs. The slow start of Justin Upton was a horrible watch all summer. I realize that the last two months he played very well, but I say it was too little, too late. He contributed for about one third of the season. It was a bust for the amount of money the Pizza Man invested in Upton. I found it very fitting that he struck out looking to end the Tigers 2016 season on the diamond.

The Zimmerman deal looked like a garage-sale bargain in April and May. The rest of the summer was an utter debacle for Mr. Zimmerman. Annibal Sanchez was also brutal to watch all summer on the bump.

So, what do the Tigers do with Brad Ausmus? Does he come back or get the boot? My hunch is he will be back. Do I like it? No. I don’t like him, but I don’t think the Tigers will panic and fire him.

The bullpen was pretty decent considering how the bullpen usually performs in the Ole English D uniform. The return of Justin Verlander was awesome in 2016. I was beginning to wonder if he was washed up. I think the consistency of the Tigers on the diamond was suspect at best this season. They were a very frustrating team to watch on a nightly basis. The offseason is always interesting in the city of Detroit and this winter will be no different.

On a positive note, the run to the World Series should be a good one, as the Cubs are the prohibitive favorites to win it all. The problem is, the Cubs have not had much luck in the playoffs. Who do I think will make the World Series? The Boston Red Sox and the Cubbies! I will be pulling for the Cubs to win it all. I will say the Red Sox better be ready for the Cleveland Indians and their solid pitching staff. The Cubs could win the World Series. Believe it.

College gridiron

The Michigan Wolverines pounded out a defensive battle for a 14-7 win over Wisconsin. What I will say is that was a game Bo and Woody would have been proud of. These two teams played hard-hitting Big Ten football for sixty minutes. I will put Ohio State on alert in two weeks when they travel to play Wisconsin and Wisconsin will be ready for the upset. The Badgers are a solid football team. Michigan will play Rutgers on Saturday, airing at 7 p.m. on ESPN2.

The Michigan State Spartans were upset in overtime at Indiana last Saturday. The Spartans have a nonconference game with BYU at 3:30 p.m. at home. The boys from BYU can play some defense, so I look for a low-scoring game between these two teams. I like BYU 23 and Sparty 20.

Nothing to say

The Detroit Lions proved once again how inept they really are. They lost to the Chicago Bears, one of the worst teams in the NFL. Detroit stumbled and bumbled like a junior high team for the entire day. I feel bad for anyone who stayed in Sunday to watch the comedy of errors and horror show they displayed. This team will never change; EVER! Matt Stafford will never be a true leader. The play of Golden Tate is pitiful and Jim Caldwell is a clown and will always be a clown! I hate his laid-back attitude and press conferences. Mrs. Ford, please show some fortitude and desire to bring a winner to Detroit and send Caldwell packing! He is not the person to lead this football team. The Lions are a garbage product and the Eagles will crush Detroit on Sunday. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

My NFL losing selections are below.
Arizona – 4 over SAN FRAN.
MINNESOTA -6 over Houston
MIAMI – 3.5 over Tennessee
New England – 10 over CLEVE.
N. Y. Jets + 7 over PITTS.
BALTIMORE – 3.5 over Washington
Philadelphia – 3 over DETROIT
INDY – 4.5 over Chicago
Atlanta + 6 over DENVER
L.A.RAMS -2.5 over Buffalo
OAKLAND – 3.5 over San diego
Cincinnati –pk over DALLAS
N,Y. Giants + 7 over GREEN BAY
Tampa Bay + 6 over CAROLINA
LAST WEEK: 7-8 SEASON: 24-37

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