Here’s a quick driving lesson



Far be it from me to assume or imply that I am God’s gift to driving or I am 100 percent perfect on the road. Like everyone, I have my blonde moments…. my mom tells me I am blonde on the inside, actually.

There seem to be a lot more ‘obliviots” on the road these days — those people who are aware of nothing but what is going on in their car. And then there have been updates since I went to school — like they now place the Stop Line several feet behind the crosswalk — mostly because of those who don’t understand what stop line means, but also because sometimes those lines have embedded light changing technology inside.

Turn signals are a big pet peeve in driving and when I went to Driver’s Ed they taught me that it was an indication of an action about to occur. For those of you who skipped this section of training … by the time you come to an almost complete stop and THEN turn, your use of that handy accessory is redundant.

Center left turn lanes seem to be another confusing thing. Personally, if it’s in a high volume area, with lots of businesses on either side, you can take your life into your hands — M-15 in Davison is a good example of that.

On the other hand, sometimes there is absolutely nothing on one side or the other, but I’ll be darned if people don’t wait until the last minute, then brake, then slide in there — with their back end sticking out — and THEN hit their turn signal (Facepalm).

On ramps and off ramps now are being built longer so you actually have a chance to reach freeway speeds before you have to move over — which is what you are supposed to do on a ramp. It’s completely unnecessary to do 35-40 all the way up these new-fangled quarter mile long ramps and then try to squeeze into faster traffic.

Speed limit enforcers: Yeah, I know, I am not going to change anyone’s minds about this but I’m going too fast to stop now. People say it’s a waste of time to pass when there’s two lanes because they always catch up at the next red light.

My theory? Maybe if some people would stay out of the passing lane, we would be through that light and gone had you not driven the exact same speed as the car next to you for the last two miles.

That’s one of the reasons I don’t drive up north.

Up north is also a good place to use your Cruise Control. Any time you’re driving more than a few miles and traffic isn’t super heavy is a great time in fact. I can’t think of too many things more annoying than passing the same person over and over again because they can’t maintain a set speed.

Couple more brief notes:

Do NOT hang out in another vehicle’s blind spot because you don’t have the guts to pass

If it takes you longer than 15 seconds to pass, you’re doing it wrong

DON’T yield the right of way when it is yours. It confuses those of us behind you who can’t read minds.

DO yield the right of way when an obstruction is in YOUR lane. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you get to use mine.

Finally, don’t tell me how people in _____ state don’t know how to drive. Bad drivers are in every state and nation in the world.

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