Hero Round Table returns to Michigan

FLINT — The Hero Round Table will return Sept. 19-20, with an expected turnout that nearly triples last year’s crowd. The Round Table is the world’s largest conference dedicated to teaching people to be heroes.

This year’s conference brings together experts on whistle blowing, psychology, education and personal development to give attendees practical know-how in creating heroism in their own communities.

Matt Langdon, the Round Table’s founder, says that anyone can act heroically if they just prepare themselves.

“The opposite of a hero is not a villain, it’s a bystander” Langdon said. “When something bad happens, we all have an urge to keep our heads down. By learning to overcome that urge, we take action where no one else will.”

Langdon used this philosophy to build a successful anti-bullying program for kids, teaching them to speak up for their peers and work proactively to improve their schools. But he says the same principles work for adults.

“If you see a coworker do something wrong, it’s a very uncomfortable feeling,” he said. “We’re trained to stay silent and that silence makes things worse. Heroism is about overcoming your discomfort and doing the right thing.”

This year is the second Hero Round Table, after a successful first conference that brought on big-name sponsors like Diplomat Pharmacy, Delta Airlines and Bishop International Airport. The first event brought over 300 people, but this year the Hero Round Table has booked more space and expects 1,000.

Tickets can be purchased at heroroundtable.com.

Details: Call 810-247-8636. — G.G.

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