Hodgins named FEA Teacher of the Month

Gina Hodgins

Gina Hodgins

FLUSHING — The Flushing Education Association (FEA) has named Gina Hodgins as its Teacher of the Month for October. Hodgins, an English instructor at Flushing High School, is also the head mentor of the Flushing Raider Robotics team and a member of the school improvement team.

Hodgins was nominated by her colleagues for her special education work and her dedication to mentoring the high school robotics team. Here’s what a nominator had to say:

“(Gina) really cares about her students and spends a lot of time updating her lesson plans, making new tests and quizzes, etc. She also helped design the new robotics lab, which also took up more of her own personal time, without being compensated. Overall, she is just a really good educator, who goes above and beyond for her students and her robotics team.”

BelowisaQ&A between the FEA and Hodgins:

FEA: Why did you become a teacher?

GH: I had a high school social studies teacher by the name of Mr. Willey, and his enthusiasm for his subject and his students was inspiring. The passion with which he taught made what might be considered the dullest topic, interesting. Since I have always loved literature and writing, becoming an English teacher was an easy decision; I wanted to share that love with students, and be the kind of teacher that students felt comfortable approaching.

FEA: What motivates you to put in the blood, sweat, and tears that education requires?

GH: The students: the progress they make, the confidence they gain and the connections with them are what motivate me. It isn’t about me and how I may have helped them; it is about them and how they worked to be successful and gained confidence along the way. When they stop by your classroom to show you/tell you about their achievement (raising their grade, making the team, speaking in class, etc.) it makes all the time and effort put into education worth it.

FEA: What is a moment you would like to share from your profession?

GH: I don’t have just one moment; it’s whenever students show/ tell me I have made a difference in their lives.