Hometown Days cancellation expected

SWARTZ CREEK — Amid concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hometown Days Committee has canceled the 2020 Hometown Days festival scheduled for May 28 to 31.

“The discussions have been very hard and we have to look at all aspects of safety and concern for our community,” said Brenda Huyck, committee chairwoman. “What’s best? Do we think our community needs something after all this? Yes. But what risk do we take?”

In a letter to vendors, Huyck wrote, “Our Board of Directors have been preparing for this event for a long time and so it saddens us to a great extent to cancel at this time. The reasons for this are, we are not confident we could provide a safe environment, considering the pandemic, for our volunteers, partners, and our community.”

At a meeting of the Swartz Creek City Council, held via Zoom on Monday, Huyck said the committee is considering an abbreviated celebration later in the fall, she said.

“In light of everything changing daily, we don’t feel we can provide for large groups in our community,” Huyck told the City Council. “We just don’t know what is going to happen.” — L.R.