Honolulu Blue Kool Aid for everybody

Fat Guy Corner
Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Hey, Lions fans, can you believe the Lions went into Philadelphia and pulled off the upset? I can’t either. Heck, the Eagles were my best bet to win in my NFL selections. Can any of us figure out these crazy football players in Honolulu Blue? The Arizona debacle had us shoveling dirt all over the Lions’ football team. The common phrase was Same Old Lions yelled across the state of Michigan. It was well deserved, don’t get me wrong, after blowing a sure victory to open the season. Yet, here we are, three weeks into the season, and Detroit is undefeated at 2-0-1. Is the Kool Aid blue, orange, red, or do we not drink any Kool Aid? No Kool Aid for the Fat Guy, I can tell you that!

What the victory in Philadelphia did was prove that the Lions are not a horrible football team this year. The proof in the pudding, as they say, will come this Sunday at Ford Field. The Kansas City Chiefs venture into the Motor City for a one o’clock kickoff. Let’s make no mistake. The Chiefs are a fabulous football team and a true Super Bowl contender. The offense is spectacular under the guidance of quarterback Patrick Mahomes. I cannot wait to attend the game and watch Patrick play. The boys in Vegas have installed the Chiefs as a touchdown favorite this weekend. The Fat Guy’s hunch is that the Chiefs win, and win big, on Sunday.

The stadium will be rocking for at least the first quarter until Detroit is down 14-0! However, if the Lions do pull off the monumental upset, Lions fans will go crazy and the Kool Aid will be consumed by the pitcher just like beer. I am hoping to see a good game, but the cheeseball says, no. Prediction: Belief in the Chief 38 and Hold the Kool Aid 24.

Self-inflicted drama for AB

I won’t spend much time on the Antonio Brown situation because I am tired of all his drama, to be honest. The Patriots made the right move and saved themselves a ton of money and disposed of a problem all at once. I doubt he plays in the NFL ever again. Has any player had three NFL jerseys on the clearance rack at the same time in the same year? I say get all three, the Patriots, Steelers and Raiders, and start a collection! I don’t want to hear, or see, the initialsABforawhile.

Wolverines need to reassess

The Michigan football team was destroyed by the Wisconsin Badgers over the weekend in an embarrassing loss. The coach, Jim Harbaugh, who everyone thought was the savior, is a total bust in Ann Arbor. He came to Michigan to put the program back into the college football spotlight. He is in the spotlight, but not for winning big games. It’s for losing them. My personal opinion is, he can leave for the NFL and I won’t miss him one bit. He is the most over-hyped and over-paid coach in the NCAA. I ask Michigan to pay me to defeat Rutgers and Illinois, because I could accomplish that feat, trust me. I believe the Michigan fan base is tired of Harbaugh, also. I know I am. A positive note is that the Wolverines will defeat Rutgers.

Sparty to continue win streak

The Michigan State Spartans blew out the Northwestern Wildcats 31-10, as Brian Lewerke tossed three touchdown passes. It was nice to see the MSU offense put up some points on the scoreboard. The Spartans look to continue their winning ways on Saturday when Indiana comes to East Lansing. The kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. I look for the Spartans to win this football game. The Cheeseball prediction: Sparty Gets Offensive 31 and Indiana Jones 13.

Hockeytown will be rocking

The NHL season is slowly creeping up on us and I am looking for some puck action. The drop of the puck starts on Wednesday, October 2. The Red Wings will open up on the road October 5 in Nashville. The home opener will be Sunday, October 6 against the Dallas Stars. I will preview the Red Wings in next week’s column. It will be nice to have hockey back!

The NFL picks were solid last week. Here are this week’s picks:

Philadelphia + 4.5 over GREEN BAY
HOUSTON – 4.5 over Carolina
BALTIMORE – 7 over Cleveland
Washington + 3 over NEW YORK GIANTS
MIAMI + 16 over L.A. Chargers
Oakland + 7 over INDIANAPOLIS
Kansas City – 6 over DETROIT
BUFFALO + 7 over New England
ATLANTA – 4 over Tennessee
L.A. RAMS – 9 over Tampa Bay
Seattle – 4.5 over ARIZONA
Minnesota + 3 over CHICAGO
DENVER – 3.5 over Jacksonville
NEW ORLEANS – 2.5 over Dallas
PITTSBURGH – 4 over Cincinnati
LAST WEEK: 10-5 (forgot Minnesota game)
SEASON: 26-20-1
BEST BET: 1-2 (Thanks Detroit)