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The Belmont Stakes was a wallet stretcher for the Fat Guy. I told you the horse Tapwrit was going to get the job done last Saturday in the Belmont Stakes. The big horse ran down my second choice in the Belmont, Irish War Cry, to reach the winner’s circle. I wish I had played an exacta with the two horses, as it paid in the upper $40 range. I will not stomp and complain as I scored numerous C notes with Tapwrit and I thank you Tapwrit from the top of my wallet! This racing season the Triple Crown had three different winners. I thought the Belmont Stakes was one of the weakest fields I had seen in a long time, actually. I was very excited to see the one-eyed horse, Patch, run third in the Belmont. He was the most sentimental choice of many horse racing fans. We shall talk more horse racing come the fall when the Breeder’s Cup weekend takes place.

What a hockey finals!

The Stanley Cup Finals are all over and the Pittsburgh Penguins accomplished back-to-back Stanley Cups. The last team to do it was our beloved Detroit Red Wings in 1997 and 1998. The Nashville Predators made their first Stanley Cup in franchise history a memorable one. They were huge underdogs, yet put up a decent series. The problem was the Nashville goalie, Pekka Rinne, was tremendous in the pipes on home ice. However, when on the road in Pittsburgh, he was downright awful. I knew that he had to play well for the Predators to win and the bottom line is, he didn’t. The Nashville Predators started the season as 30-1 long shots to win the Cup. The city of Nashville should be darn proud of what this hockey club accomplished this season. The Penguins have already opened up at Las Vegas as favorites for a three-peat next hockey season. The city of Pittsburgh can celebrate all summer long with the most treasured trophy in sports. I have respect for the Penguins as repeating champs but I still don’t have to like them!

The next NHL focus will center on the expansion draft for the Vegas Golden Knights. I would say all the hockey teams have to decide who to leave unprotected in the expansion draft. I know I will be curious to see who the Red Wings leave available to be selected by Vegas. Until then, it’s farewell to real hockey games until October.

Keeping it out of the rough

The U. S. Open is this week in Wisconsin at Erin Hills. The U.S. Open means one thing for us; weekend warrior golfers! What am I talking about, you ask? The long and deep fescue rough that the pro golfers struggle with over the weekend. The rough makes them human and more like how we feel in normal rough on local golf courses. I get a lot of satisfaction watching them all complain and struggle to hit it out of the rough. I do have a bit of advice; hit the ball in the middle of the fairway.

The reviews from players say the fairways are wider than many other U.S. Opens so I guess that is a positive. I wonder if this course will be a re-play of the 2015 Chambers Bay complaints on how unfair the greens were. This Erin Hills is a brand new venue for the U. S. Open, so let’s see and hear how much the pros whine all weekend long. The winner of the U. S. Open? I am going with Justin Rose on a hunch! Let’s all enjoy the U.S. Open!

In good company

The NBA Finals concluded Monday night and the Golden State Warriors took home the rubber match. The MVP was Kevin Durant, who becomes just the third player since 1969 to win the MVP in their first season with their team. The other two players were Magic Johnson in 1980 with the Lakers and one of my favorites, Moses Malone, in 1983 with the Philadelphia 76ers. There were questions surrounding Kevin Durant, as to whether he would fit in with an already-loaded Golden State team. I guess that question has been answered. The fact he shot 70 percent in game five is incredible.

The Golden State Warriors are not the greatest team of all time, so let’s put that discussion to bed. It’s a different era in the NBA and I could name numerous teams who could defeat them in the NBA Finals. The NBA is top heavy right now with Golden State and Cleveland and that is a serious problem in my eyes. LeBron James is the best player on the planet right now and no discussion needed on that topic! I would not be shocked if these two teams play for the fourth straight year in the NBA Finals! The next thing up is the NBA Draft !

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