Hot weather fishing tip: Go top water

The jitterbug lure is great for bass fishing.

The jitterbug lure is great for bass fishing.

— It’s early September, and while it is still pretty warm you can catch a lot of fish by using top water lures. There are many different types of these surface baits and here are a few.

The oldest top water lure I know of is the FLY, used for trout, bluegill, crappie and bass. These lures attract all kinds of fish, because they are like a bug landing on the water during it’s hatch, or egg laying season.

The JITTERBUG is probably the most popular surface bait ever made, because all you do is cast them out and reel them back in at different speeds. They are great for bass, smallmouth and largemouth.

There are POPPPERS that are good on blue gill, crappie, and bass. They make a popping or gurgling sound on the surface of the water. Cast them out and jerk them slightly, then wait a few seconds and jerk them again.

STICK BAITS have also been around a long time. These baits have no action of their own. It takes a little while to learn how to make them work right, such as walking the dog action. But they are one super bass catching lure. These bait work great in open water and around boat docks too. The most popular of these baits is the Heddon Zara Spook.

PROPBAITS create a disturbance on the surface, when jerked slightly, or they make a bigger disturbance if reeled in using a slow or fast retrieve. These lures are really good on smallmouth and largemouth bass in the morning hours.

Next is JERK BAITS. Use these baits by giving them a short jerk and leaving

them set for about one minute or so, then you give them another short jerk, like a wounded bait fish would act. This lure is a great bass lure.

CHUG BAITS. They can be used with a slight jerk and they make a big popping gurgling sound when you

are working them right. Then you leave it set about a minute or so then make them gurgle again. Great small and largemouth bass lures.

BUZZBAIT. These are a type of a spinner bait, but they have very large blades on them made to run on the water’s surface. You can and should run these baits at different speeds to see what speed the fish will strike them at. Run them slow a few times and fast a few times. This lure is used mostly on bass.

FROGS, RATS. and SNAKES, are just a few of the many popular rubber topwater baits on the market today. These are a super, great bass lures. Use them in and around Lily pads, downed trees and matted grass areas.

Let’s not leave out SPOONS. Such as a moss boss, a type of floating spoon, and Bagley grass rats. Just cast them out anywhere and retrieve them back slowly. Good on bass.

I have not named all top water lures as there are a lot more. But I have given you many to choose from and how to use them. If you have never fished with top water lures, you are missing out on a lot of fish. You can’t believe the thrill you get when a big fish comes up and explodes on the surface, sucking in your top water lure.

Editor’s note: Peters has been the
longtime fishing editor of The County
Press, sister paper to the Lapeer Area

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