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The divided houses were freshly painted green and white over the weekend. The Big House became pretty silent, as the Michigan State Spartans, huge 10-point underdogs, posted a stunning 14-10 victory Saturday night. I guess little brother (Mike Hart’s term when he played at Michigan) can whip up on big brother. The Spartans played a smart and intelligent football game all night. The Wolverines were in gramma’s kitchen making apple turnovers; five of them to be exact! The Spartans ate them up and said thank you very much!

The Spartans totally outplayed Michigan and deserved the road victory. Michigan looked totally unprepared with an ancient offense that was totally offensive to watch if you are a Michigan fan. The fact that MSU coach Mark Dantonio has turned around the Spartans after a dismal 3-9 campaign last season is remarkable. I can say that Mark Dantonio is a whale of a football coach. I have always liked his style and defensive approach, which is Michigan State football.

The savior, Jim Harbaugh, is now 1-2 against Michigan State and 0-2 against the Buckeyes. I would say that Jimmy boy needs to start winning games against formidable foes, not the likes of Illinois and Indiana. The honeymoon is over Jim Harbaugh. The bottom line is, bragging rights for the next 365 days goes to the Michigan State Spartans. They deserve all the accolades they receive. This week both teams hit the road in the Big Ten, as Michigan travels to Indiana for a noon kickoff. The Spartans are at Minnesota for an 8 p.m. kickoff.

Baseball playoffs!

The baseball playoffs have been a pretty good watch and some not so pretty watch. The bad watch was a 3-0 sweep by the Dodgers over the Arizona Diamondbacks, as called here by the Fat Guy. Arizona was no match for L.A. and it showed on the diamond. The Cubs held a 2-1 edge over the no-hitting Washington Nationals in game four Tuesday night. The Houston Astros disposed of the Boston Red Sox 3-1 and will await the outcome of the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees game-five winner from Wednesday night.

The Indians and Yankees have been must-watch playoff baseball. The gametwo 8-3 Yankee lead erased by the Indians was one of the best games I have watched in ages. It had base running errors and all sorts of high drama until Cleveland finally won it in extra innings. The shocker was how bad Kluber pitched for Cleveland in game two. He was absolutely shellacked by the Yankees’ bats. He left in a neck brace due to the amount balls hit past Kluber. I say that’s a bit much, but you get my point. I look for Kluber to bounce back and pitch the Indians to a game-five victory. The next round will be Cleveland and Houston in the American League. The National League will be the Cubs and Dodgers. I like the Indians and Dodgers to play in the World Series.

No-show Lions, again!

The Detroit Lions failed to show up last Sunday against the Carolina Panthers at Ford Field. The final score of 27-24 is closer than the game actually was. The Lions trailed 27-10 and rallied late to make the game somewhat close. The loss makes the Lions 1-2 at home. You cannot lose your home games in the NFL. The Lions will now go play a red-hot New Orleans Saints team that is coming off the bye. I don’t like the Lions chances, to be honest. It will take a tremendous effort to defeat the Saints and I just don’t see that happening. When will the Lions quit throwing the ball to worthless Eric Ebron? What a waste of a No. 1-draft pick. They need to dump his sorry tail! I have seen enough. Why hasn’t coach Caldwell? Come, on, man, as they say on ESPN.

Wings take home opener

The Red Wings’ home opener was a success, as they defeated the Minnesota Wild 4-2. I have yet to catch the Wings on television yet, but I will. I want to evaluate the team with my own eyes.

My NFL best bet’s a solid lock at 4-1 so start paying attention football junkies.

Philadelphia + 3.5 over CAROLINA

HOUSTON – 10 over Cleveland

N.Y. JETS + 10 over New England

Miami + 11.5 over ATLANTA

NEW ORLEANS -4 over Detroit

MINNESOTA + 3.5 over Green Bay

BALTIMORE – 6.5 over Chicago

San Francisco + 10 over WASHINGTON

JACKSONVILLE – 3 over L.A. Rams


Pittsburgh + 4 over KANSAS CITY

OAKLAND – 3 over L.A. Chargers

DENVER -12 over New York Giants

TENNESSEE – 6 over Indianapolis

LAST WEEK: 6-8, SEASON: 41-33-1


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