Howell not the best candidate for clerk’s job

I am writing to express my concern over the possibility of (Davison Township) resident and career politician Travis Howell seeking the open clerk’s seat.

Mr. Howell has never been elected to anything. He has spent the last several years applying for positions and trying to get into local government. To refresh your memory, Mr. Howell was appointed trustee in 2018 when (Tim) Elkins was appointed supervisor. He was never elected trustee. The residents did not have a say if we wanted him there or not. It was up to the last administration that put him there.

It is my understanding that the former administration stuck him on as many planning boards and committees to build his resume and look qualified for their musical chairs appointment of him.

Fast forward to 2020, Howell gave up his appointed trustee incumbency status to run for clerk. Travis knocked many doors and spent thousands of dollars putting his resume in front of the township voters…and the residents picked another person.

We picked Mary Miller because she had real life business experience, the same reason we picked the rest of you.

Mary Miller beat Travis. It is my understanding this ruined the plans of the last administration, but we the people have spoken. To put Travis in the clerk’s seat would disregard the vote of the people and democracy as we know it.

In between all of this, Travis also applied for the open seat on the Davison School Board and was turned down recently when John Hair resigned, and the former superintendent was appointed.

It is clear Travis Howell is just looking to get into politics and has no real business experience nor carries the same traits as the rest of you. He is from Kentucky and not from Davison. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone that knows this community through and through?

The voters said “no” to Travis in the last election for this same position. Appointing him for this same seat is a slap in the face to the voters.

We elected you to clean up this kind of mess, not start the musical chairs all over again. I have faith you will do the right thing. Let’s try something different with Travis. Let him run in 2022 and see if he can get elected and not appointed! — Norman R. Fischer, Davison Township