Howell should be next Davison Township clerk

I’m writing to you today to show support for Travis Howell as replacement for our clerk who is stepping down.

I have been involved with the Davison DDA for a few years now. Travis has been a huge help at all of our events from car cruises to Pumpkin Fest and Christmas on Main. We never have to ask Travis for help, he is always there willing and able.

I feel like this says a lot about Travis and his dedication and commitment to Davison. Even though he lost the election for township clerk, he has still been attending meetings and staying abreast of issues within our community. I don’t personally know Mo, so I cannot speak of his dedication or work ethic. But I can say that I volunteer in many roles in our community and schools and have yet to meet him. To me, this speaks volumes.

Travis also has experience working in politics, not just as our former trustee in the township. He is currently working as Director of Constituent Relations and Scheduling for State Senator Rick Outman. Prior to this he worked as a Department Analyst and Advanced Scheduling Coordinator at the Michigan Department of Attorney General. I think his passion for politics, government and our community shines brightly with his works experience. It seems this would also make him the best candidate as he has experience handling government issues and maintaining records.

On top of volunteering to help with our events downtown, Travis is heavily involved in our community. Here is a list of how he helps in our community:

• Davison American Youth Soccer Association (AYSO) – Coach & Board Member

• Eastgate Baptist Church – Deacon & Sunday School Teacher

• Genesee County Metropolitan Alliance Board Trustee & Member

• Davison Independent Order of the Odd Fellows Member

• Davison Area Chamber of Commerce Member

• Genesee County Certified Tourism Ambassador

He has also sat on many boards formerly and is still involved in helping them.

I am really hoping my township board, that I elected, takes the task of choosing a new clerk to heart. If this letter does not prove that Travis is the perfect candidate for the position than I am not sure what will. His heart is here in Davison, he is invested in our community. His dedication and investment do not come because it is a financial benefit to him, it comes because he cares and he wants to see our community grow and be a wonderful place to raise our families. Travis is the kind of person I want involved in my community. And he, in my personal opinion, is the best fit for our open clerk position. — Stephanie Thomas, Davison Township