Hurley Children’s Hospital WINS $70,000 in Vote for Miracles Contest

FLINT – Hurley Children’s Hospital has taken first place in the Vote for Miracles Contest, winning $50,000.

Plus, Dr. Alan Klein, a pediatric dentist on staff at Hurley, donated an additional $20,000 on behalf of the Sheppy Dog Fund because Hurley won.

The winnings from this contest will help us create a special treatment room at Hurley Children’s Hospital for pediatric victims of child abuse (physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and child human trafficking). The room will have a soothing, comforting, child-friendly environment. From décor, to an interactive gaming system to distract the child, to comfortable furniture, every aspect of this room will be designed with these young victims in mind.

“We are so appreciative of all that credit unions have done for Hurley Children’s Hospital over the years,” said Melany Gavulic, president and CEO, Hurley Medical Center. “We are grateful that we will be able to put Vote for Miracles contest winnings towards a vital need in our community. Creating a special treatment room here at HurleyChildren’s Hospital for young victims of physical, sexual and human trafficking abuse is so important for delivering this specialized care and treatment. We want to thank every single person who cared enough about these vulnerable children to take the time to vote.”

Voters could vote every day at Second through fifth place will receive $20,000, $15,000, $10,000 and $5,000, respectively. This contest was made possible by America’s credit unions, CO-OP Financial Services and CU Direct. – G.G.

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