Hurley Community Wellness Path opens in Flint

FLINT — Hurley Medical Center has transformed a green space across from the hospital into a wellness path with the hope both #TeamHurley and the Flint community will come together to use the path to improve their health and practice mindfulness.

The path was the brainchild of Alisa Stewart, who died earlier this year in a tragic car accident. The Administrator for Wellness and Population Health Management never got to see the project to completion.

“This path was her vision and through her sheer determination and connections in the community, she made it happen,” said Hurley Service Line Administrator Cathy Metz. “Alisa knew the hospital she loved and the community she served so well could join forces to make change.”

Many donations have made the path on W. 5th Avenue possible. Hurley extends a special thank-you to Kettering University for its substantial gift. They also give thanks to the Flint Land Bank for helping them secure a piece of property and the City of Flint for permission to use another parcel. Without all their help, this project wouldn’t have happened, said Hurley officials.

There are 10 fitness stations along the path, helping people on their wellness journey. Hurley Foundation President Michael Burnett hopes the wellness path will get longer and incorporate a hill for those who want a more intense workout.

“We’re still raising money and we’ll get there,” said Burnett. “We are trying to change a community, and this is a step in the right direction.”

Donations for the project can be made at G.G.