Hurley encourages patients not to delay seeking care

FLINT — Hurley has watched COVID-19 cases decline and is grateful our messaging of safety has been received as we see more people returning to Hurley seeking early intervention for emergency situations like heart attacks and stroke.

“It was very concerning to us that patients were delaying care for fear of coming to the hospital and contracting COVID-19. We’ve continued to message that we have many protocols in place to eliminate the threat of COVID-19 and allow non COVID patients to obtain the care they may need to combat a more adverse effect that can be caused by delaying necessary care,” says Laura Jasso, Administrator Marketing and Community Relations. “When a patient’s needs are something that can be handled with their primary care doctor that is always the patient’s best option, but we stand ready to serve patients in our Urgent Cares and our Emergency Department who feel their situation requires a different level of care.”

Although Hurley continued to do emergent, urgent and lifesaving surgeries/procedures during the governor’s Executive Order restricting surgeries and procedures, we are now able to do any and all surgeries that patients require as this executive order lifted.

Hurley has revealed 10 steps it is taking to keep patients safe. Patients can access that information, along with information on our services, at — G.G.