Hurley receives Gold Award for organ donation awareness

FLINT — Hurley Medical Center has been honored with a HRSA Gold Award for raising awareness for organ and tissue donation in Michigan.

“We couldn’t be happier to present Hurley with this national award for its efforts to grow the Michigan Organ Donor Registry,” said Dorrie Dils, Gift of Life’s CEO. “There’s a culture of donation here that starts on the units and extends all the way to the top. Hurley understands that donation means lives saved and works very hard to make it happen. On behalf of donors and their families, thank you for honoring their gifts.”

Hurley Medical Center’s awareness campaign not only paid tribute to patients on social media who have given and received organs, it led to 300 more people being added to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.

“It’s important when families are making difficult decisions for end of life,” said Valerie Canary, Pediatric Trauma Program Manager. “It makes it easier on them when the decision has already been made and they know they are honoring the gift their loved one wanted to make.”

The national Gold Award is presented through the Health Resources and Services Administration Workplace Partnerships for Life Program. It demonstrates Hurley’s partnership with Gift of Life and the crucial need to reduce the wait times for families desperate for life saving organ donations. — G.G.