Hurley’s Children’s Hospital receives gift from Animal Planet

FLINT – If you’ve never seen a 900 gallon four ton aquarium in person, now you can.

The lobby of Hurley Children’s Hospital is the site for this gift from Alli Simpson and the team at the Animal Planet Show, TANKED. It was installed at the end of November and is the focal point of the show’s one-hour season finale that aired recently.

The full episode can be viewed at tanked/we-fish- you-a- merry-christmas/

“We are so excited and grateful to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Animal Planet’s TANKED team for gifting us with this amazing aquarium,” said Melany Gavulic , RN, MBA,

President and CEO, Hurley Medical Center. “It will provide relaxation and enjoyment for patients, visitors and staff alike. Our youngest patients will recognize this as an extension of our under-the- sea theme in the rest of our pediatric areas. This tank is an expression of how proud we are to be a CMN Hospital.”

Typically, in the Animal Planet series TANKED, Las Vegas-based Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), one of the country’s most successful builders of aquariums, and co-owners Wayde King and Brett Raymer, these imaginative businessmen are tasked with building enormous and awe- inspiring tanks and aquariums for top celebrities, luxury hotels and casinos, Fortune 500 businesses, private homes and homeowners across the country. ATM takes on more than 200 projects every year with tanks ranging from 50 to five million gallons in size that feature the most exotic, unusual, colorful and dangerous fish in the world.

The cylindrical design in the lobby at Hurley features the recognizable Children’s Miracle Network Hospital’s balloons along with the Flint Vehicle Arches and Longway Planetarium. Artists’ palettes in the aquarium represent the Pediatric Art Program at Hurley Children’s Hospital as well as a guitar to represent Alli Simpson and her music. A special feature is the image of the “Paige fish” that young patients learn to recognize during their stay at the hospital.

Alli Simpson decided that she’d like her tank to go to one of the 170 CMN Hospitals. Hurley Children’s Hospital was selected. In light of the on-going Flint Water Crisis, it just made sense to bring a little happiness to this community. This Australian singer is also a model, actress, fashion columnist, and host of Radio Disney’s “The Alli Simpson Show” each week. As the Teen Ambassador for CMN Hospitals, Alli enjoys connecting with hospitalized kids and projects that can bring a smile to people’s faces.

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