I-69 and Morrish Road overpass to be repaired

SWARTZ CREEK — At its March 11 meeting, the Swartz Creek City Council approved the low bid of L. Zellar and Sons Excavating, a Flint company, for the continued repairs to the approach to the bridge deck at I-69 and Morrish Road in Swartz Creek.

The work will be for the construction of a spillway and a curb under the guard rail for the west side of the approach, which will channel water to the north and run it over the spillway.

The city received seven bids for the work, with the low bid by L. Zellar and Sons Excavating coming in at $27,000. The highest bid was at $48,000.

There had been serious erosion along the west side of the approach to the bridge deck in Swartz Creek, which was severely heightened by the heavy rainfall that hit the area in early May of 2012.

The erosion was due to an extremely steep grade on the west side of Morrish Road just to the north of the bridge deck, whereby heavy rains caused water and dirt to roll off the embankment and deteriorate the bridge approach.

The erosion had gotten so bad along the shoulder of the approach that Swartz Creek City Manager Paul Bueche feared another heavy downpour might cause part of the road to wash away.

“There was significant damage to the shoulder that would’ve continued onto the road,” he said.

The City of Swartz Creek made some repairs to the approach to the bridge deck in August of 2012, whereby a subcontractor working in the area hauled away about 300 yards of dirt and soil from their job site to the bridge deck and filled in the eroded spots as well as built out the shoulder along the approach.

Now, the city is looking for a more permanent solution as it will have the curb constructed that will channel the water to the north and run it off the road over a new spillway.

Bueche said the construction work will begin around April 1.

“We could start as soon as that,” he said. “We’re going to push to get that done right away so it doesn’t interfere with the opening of Meijer.”

Bueche added the work will take about four days to complete.

“They’ll be in and out of it pretty quick,” he said.

With the cost of $27,000 for the new repairs to the approach plus the $5,000 the Swartz Creek City Council approved on October 22, 2012 to Rowe Engineering to prepare a design and bid package for the new repairs, along with $1,600 in expenses for the previous repairs, the total cost of the project to repair the approach stands at $33,600.

However, there will be an additional cost for traffic control of the area while the construction is underway.

“Traffic management was not in the bid price,” Bueche said.

The City of Swartz Creek was approved for a State of Michigan grant in the amount of $30,000 that will be issued through the State Disaster Contingency Fund pusuant to Section 19 of 1976 Public Act 290, in which the city will use the grant funds to cover the bulk of the costs of the repairs to the approach of the bridge deck.

The city applied for the grant in August of 2012 in order to offset some of the costs incurred by the city during the high winds, rainfall and floods that hit the area in May of 2012.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency shortly after the storms hit Genesee County in May of 2012. and consequently, funds from the State Disaster Contingency Fund were made available to county and local municipalities for damages suffered from the storms and flooding.

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