I told you so; State upsets Duke!

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The Final Four is down to four teams and that is why it’s called the Final Four! Man. Even I can do simple math. Let’s take a look at each region and what happened in those regions.

The fact that only one No. 1 seed advanced is a shocker to me. That No. 1 seed comes from the South Region, where Virginia pulled a rabbit out of a hat to advance. The Purdue Boilermakers and redhot guard Carson Edwards were about five seconds from advancing when all heck broke loose. A miracle shot put it into overtime and Virginia proceeded to win it in overtime.

I felt sick for Purdue and its basketball team! They had it in their fingers, only to watch a tremendous performance by Carson go by the wayside. This kid was on fire and I enjoyed every second of it, as he was hitting three balls like they were layups. Will this miracle win in the end make the Virginia Cavaliers the NCAA champs? I’ll answer that question here shortly.

The Midwest Region winner, the Auburn Tigers, will face Virginia in Minneapolis in the first game at 6:09 p.m. on Saturday. Think how close Auburn came to being eliminated in game one by New Mexico State! The Tigers win and then go on to beat, in order, Kansas, North Carolina and Kentucky. I would say that’s beating three top college programs in succession. It’s funny how things work out sometimes. I predicted Houston to win this region, but I also called the Auburn win over North Carolina. The Auburn guards are playing great in the back court making three balls. The Auburn and Virginia game is obviously two contrasting styles of hoop. The Tigers want to push the pace and the Virginia team slows up the basketball game. My prediction is the Virginia defense will fluster the Auburn team into lots of turnovers and pull out the “W”. The Cavaliers are headed to a Monday showdown with…. (stay tuned).

Got the West all wrong

In the West Region I had Michigan playing Gonzaga! How about that stellar prediction? I guess the Texas Tech Red Raiders didn’t like my prediction. The boys of Texas Tech took down both teams and moved on to the Final Four. What they did to Michigan defensively was absolutely nuts, as the Wolverines were lost on the offensive end. What most don’t know is Texas Tech was predicted to finish in the bottom of the Big 12. I would say bad prediction and hello Final Four Texas Tech. The Wolverines of Michigan had a tremendous run this season and exceeded many Wolverine fans’ expectations.

Big 10 punch in the mouth

The Spartans punched a Final Four ticket by taking out the No. 1-seed and tourney favorite, Duke! What a game played between these two teams late Sunday afternoon. I predicted the Spartans would win the East Region and send Duke home. The Spartans will now face Texas Tech and I think they advance to the Monday night championship game against Virginia. So who cuts down the nets on Monday night, you ask? I think it’s the green and white of MSU and the game will be a nail-biter. I think a low-scoring affair will happen with MSU 56 and Virginia 53. The Spartans are college basketball’s National Champions!!!

NHL playoffs take center stage

The hockey playoffs will begin next week and I will break down all the series winners. The Red Wings’ season is down to three games and once again, playoffs will be played on the golf course. The Wings have played good hockey lately and things might be looking up for the future. I cannot take much more of this non-playoff stuff, I can tell you that! Let’s at least start being competitive for a playoff spot next season.

More sputter for Detroit teams

The Pistons are in the heat of a playoff battle with about six games remaining. I think they will make it, but where they finish seeding-wise, I have no idea. I just want them to make it.

Opening Day excitement

The Tigers split the opening four games in Toronto. The hitting was awful and the pitching very good. Simple as that. The home opener is today against the Kansas City Royals. The Fat Guy will be a Nemo’s ready to welcome home the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers and Opening Day is a National Holiday in Motown. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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