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The Preakness has a winner and his name is California Chrome. The Chrome man won the second leg of the Triple Crown and did it pretty easily. I gave you California Chrome last week as the winner and he came through for me at the betting window. Heck, I even picked the horse who ran second, Ride On Curling. It was a great day at the track for me and my pocketbook.

I just love the story behind California Chrome. The owners didn’t pay much money for him — $10,000, which is not much money in the horse racing game when talking about horses of this caliber. California Chrome now faces his stiffest challenge: The Belmont Stakes. There have been numerous horses who have won the first two legs of the Triple Crown, but couldn’t finish the last leg. The Belmont is the longest race of the three Triple Crown races and the horse must go a mile-and-a-half to win it.

I personally think he is going to win it and bring the long-awaited Triple Crown to horse racing. The last Triple Crown winner was 1978.

How about the fact Chrome runs with a nasal strip and the State of New York doesn’t allow them? He is allowed to run with them, though. I can’t wait to see the field for the Belmont and see who will be taking their horseshoes and saddle and come trying to take a run at California Chrome! I am backing my man the Chrome kid 100 percent. Rest up California Chrome and we will see you in three weeks.

Final four

The NBA Playoffs are down to four teams. Guess what? All four of the teams are the ones who are supposed to be there. The Western Conference has the San Antonio Spurs taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder lose a key man in Serge Ibaka who is out with an injury. That is the difference in this series, I believe. The rim protector and shot blocker in the paint will be too big of a loss to overcome. The veteran and ancient Spurs will win this series in six games. If Serge was in the lineup I would have leaned the Thunder’s way. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker will be heading to the NBA Finals once again.

The Eastern Conference Finals are a toss-up. The Indiana Pacers are the rollercoaster of the playoffs. One game they are pretty good and the next, totally dysfunctional.

Game one went to the Pacers on Sunday. I still have to pick LeBron and his team to get it done. I just can’t trust the Pacers in a seven-game series to play four solid games. LeBron will be the difference in this series. He will win a couple games on his own and the Pacers will implode in a game they should win. I have never seen a team that’s such a mess as the Pacers. They barely beat the eight-seeded Atlanta Hawks. The NBA Finals will be the Spurs and the Heat.

The Pistons have hired Stan Van Gundy as coach and President. I will say right now I don’t hate him as the leader, yet I don’t love it, either. The Pistons are such a mess. Thank Joey “D” for that.

And another four…

The NHL Hockey Playoffs are also down to four teams. The Eastern Conference has the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens. Montreal defeated the Boston Bruins just as I thought. The Rangers took game one in a rout. I still like Montreal to win in seven games. The Western Conference has the L.A. Kings and Chicago Blackhawks battling it out. The Kings have had two grueling seven-game series they ended up winning. Are they out of gas? I say, no. I like the Kings to win in seven games. Jonathan Quick will be the difference in this one.

Road warriors

How about the best record in baseball belongs to the Detroit Tigers! They have been true road warriors as they won 11 in a row before losing Monday night in extra inings at Cleveland. They swept the Red Sox at Fenway Park for the first time since 1983. The bullpen is the best in baseball since May 1. I never thought I would write that after witnessing the bullpen debacle in April. How about Miggy and V-Mart at the plate? They are the best one-two punch in baseball at the dish right now. The fact the Tigers are seven games up in late May is nice to see. This team has World Series talent offensively and starting pitching. Can they do it in October? That is the million-dollar question. Does anyone miss Prince Fielder? Me either! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com.

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