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The college football playoffs have found their four teams to compete for the National Championship. The debate of the four teams is open for discussion but it will not change anything. The No. 1 team is Alabama; no shocker with that selection. The Clemson Tigers are No. 2 and Ohio State No. 3. The fact that you have Ohio State at No. 3 without winning the conference championship will rub some college football fans the wrong way I am sure. I am on the fence with it to be brutally honest. The No. 4 team, Washington, is the debatable team in the playoff picture.

The strength of schedule nonconference for Washington, which was No. 127th in the country, was ugly. Here were the three teams: Rutgers, Idaho and Portland State, which Washington beat before the conference schedule began. Wow, is all I can say to that.

The problem is, the playoff committee changes the criteria every single season. The fact that it’s strength of schedule one year and then the next year you have to be a conference champion is confusing to some. The coaches and athletic directors have to be confused. If I am a coach, I go out and schedule three cream puffs like Washington did. The problem with that is the college football fans suffer in this scenario.

The Penn State Nittany Lions, winners of the Big Ten, have the biggest beef, as I believe they should be the No. 4 team. They won the Big Ten championship! The Big Ten was the best conference all year long; just look at the rankings. I guess it’s the beauty of the debate as some team will always have a legitimate case as to why they should be in. I personally will be rooting for Clemson to win it all. The State of Michigan has three MAC schools going bowling and the Michigan Wolverines. Central Michigan will play Tulsa on December 19 in the Miami Beach Bowl. Eastern Michigan will play in the Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl on December 23. They will take on Old Dominion. How about the fact that EMU won seven games in the last four years combined and won a total of seven this year? It’s great for those kids at EMU and the program. The Western Michigan Broncos have a date in the Cotton Bowl on January 2 against the Wisconsin Badgers. The undefeated 13-0 Western Michigan football team as the MAC champs. I can’t wait to watch this football game! Row the boat, baby!

The Wolverines will play in the Orange Bowl against the Florida State Seminoles. This is a great match-up of two proud college football programs and I am excited to see this football game.

Ripping off the tag

What are these silly Lions doing winning a road game in New Orleans, 28-13? The SOL tag (Same Old Lions) just has not reared its ugly head here in 2016. It’s rubbed some wrong like a bad tag on a T-shirt. OK, maybe the Bears and Texans game was SOL, but that was long ago. The job Matthew Stafford is doing is incredible running this offense. The red zone offense bogged down some on Sunday but that will happen. The real storyline is the improved defense every single week. They are getting better and better and that is why the Lions are winning. There are some people out there who will never believe in this football team. I can say they have six decades of reason for that belief, too. I am still cautiously entertaining the thought of a Lions home playoff game! I took a tiny sip of Kool Aid last night and ended up spitting it down the sink. I said, ‘Fat Guy, let’s not drink anything until they clinch a playoff berth.’” It’s made in the pitcher and staying cold in the refrigerator for now.

The Detroit Lions need to take care of business on Sunday at home against the Chicago Bears. I think they will do that and get to 9-4 on the season. The Lions then have two road games, one in New York to play the Giants and a Monday night affair against the Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully, the last home game against the Green Bay Packers will mean absolutely nothing, and not a win-to-get in scenario. The Lions control their own fate and that’s all a team can ask for.

The NFL picks are next, as I am over the .500 mark and have been on fire lately. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

KANSAS CITY – 3 over Oakland
TENNESSEE + 3.5 over Denver
CAROLINA – 1 over San Diego
Houston + 6 over INDIANAPOLIS
Cincinnati – 5.5 over CLEVELAND
BUFFALO – 1 over Pittsburgh
Arizona + 1 over MIAMI
DETROIT – 8 over Chicago
JACKSONVILLE + 3.5 over Minnesota
TAMPA BAY – 2,5 over New Orleans
PHILADELPHIA – PK over Washington
N.Y. Jets + 3 over SAN FRAN
Seattle – 3 over GREEN BAY
L. A. Rams + 6 over Atlanta
NEW YORK GIANTS + 3 over Dallas
NEW ENGLAND – 7 over Baltimore
LAST WEEK: 8-7 SEASON: 85-83-9

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