I’m taking the first step into my dream job

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While most high school students get summer jobs working at restaurants or golf courses, I knew that I wanted to do something a little more beneficial in my field of interest. My name is Breana Nolan and I am going to be a senior at Lapeer High School in the fall. Ever since a young age I have loved to write. In third grade my teacher told us that we had to write a three-page story. I showed up with 22 pages about farm animals who formed a band. In my middle school English classes I would fill my writing journal in with whatever crazy stories I came up with, sending my characters wherever my imagination took me that day. Then came high school and suddenly writing wasn’t as fun anymore. Instead of writing about things that interested me, I had to write essays about the effectiveness of an author’s rhetorical appeals in an excerpt from a book or describe Shakespeare’s writing style. When it came to looking at career options I knew that I still had a passion for writing, but I really wondered what I could do with it that would keep me interested. This is where my love for sports came in.

All my life I have grown up around sports. As a little kid, I went to all of my cousins football, basketball, and soccer games. I remember wanting to be like my cousins and from that point forward sports have become one of the biggest aspects of my life. I have played tennis, baseball, and flag football. I have played travel soccer since fifth grade. I stopped playing last year and missed it so much that I’m playing again this fall. I have also played basketball since elementary school and look forward to my senior season. However, after playing all of these sports, softball has emerged as my focus. Like I said before, I played baseball for a long time and made the switch to softball in fifth grade. I have been playing serious travel ball since seventh grade and it has consumed most of my summers ever since. I just got back from a tournament in Tennessee and my team is getting ready to leave for nationals in Pennsylvania next week. Being surrounded by sports for so long made me realize that I could combine my love for sports and writing and become a sports journalist.

My dream job is to work for ESPN or another big news company some day and cover major sporting events. I would love to be a journalist at the Olympics or Super Bowl. I also would love to have the opportunity to be on camera and be a sideline reporter, getting the inside scoop from coaches or players at halftime. I know that these big goals of mine all start now by gaining experience in writing, interviewing, and getting pictures to go along with the stories. I’m very excited to be able to write articles for the paper and hope to be able to grow as a writer and learn all I can this summer.

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