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No door-to-door solicitation authorized

FLINT TWP. — Any door-to-door solicitors approaching homes are doing so without a permit, warned Clerk Kathy Funk. The township peddler’s ordinance requires that door-to-door salespeople register with the clerk’s office. There are no licenses currently active, Funk said, noting that a home security company is among those known to be approaching township residences including outside the hours that solicitation is permitted. Some are showing badges but Funk said they should have something with township letterhead to prove they are licensed. Residents should call police if approached, she said. Treasurer Lisa Anderson suggested trying to find out the names of the companies to contact them directly to tell them they are operating illegally. — R.S.

Absentee ballots mailed in record time

FLINT TWP. — Absentee ballots for the August 7 primary election arrived late Monday July 2 and 1,529 were in the mail by Friday, July 6, due to teamwork of staff, said Clerk Kathy Funk. She explained this is no simple feat due to the requirements to test the integrity of the election equipment before the ballots can be mailed. This involves a lot more work than just plugging in a machine. One assistant hand-fed 62 ballots per precinct (930 total) into voting machines, giving up her holiday time, so that absentee voters could receive their ballots in a timely matter. Funk said that Flint Township was one of the first municipalities with the fastest turnaround time to get the ballots in the mail. — R.S.

Fire department extra busy

FLINT TWP. — Firefighters responded to 54 alarms in recent weeks, including eight structure fires – three commercial and five residential, reported Assistant Fire Chief Mike Burkley. One residential fire in Western Hills was caused by hot ashes from the grill being stored inside a garage. The homeowner thought they were out. Firefighters did a fantastic job keeping the fire contained to the garage which was totaled, he said. Another large commercial fire on July 4 occurred at a hotel on Austins Parkway. Township police helped with the evacuation of people inside the building. Mt. Morris Township firefighters assisted and also praised township firefighters for having good control of the situation when they arrived with extra equipment. On-call and full-time staff have been doing a great job, Burkley said. — R.S.

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