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Primary election was record turnout

FLINT TWP. — Township Clerk Kathy Funk said the Aug. 7 primary election had historical turnout, not only statewide, but here in Flint Township. She said the township had 30-40 percent turnout in its precincts, something said she didn’t anticipate in the primary. — G.G.

Township Shred Day is coming Sept. 15

FLINT TWP. — The township’s Shred Day will take place Sept. 15 at the township offices, 1490 S. Dye Rd. Residents are limited to two boxes of documents per vehicle. Loose paper only, no books or binders. Also, no pill bottles. The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. — G.G.

Townhall meeting scheduled Sept. 12

FLINT TWP. — The public is invited to participate in a Town Hall Meeting in partnership with Bridge Magazine on Sept. 12 at 6 p.m. Flint Township has volunteered to convene a group of up to 100 people for a 45 to 60 minute discussion entitled A Great Place to Live. Participants will be provided with an opportunity to discuss their perspective on the quality of life in Michigan: How would you rate your quality of life right now? What changes could make it better? What should the priorities to improve the quality of life for Michiganders of representatives elected in 2018?

This event is part of Bridge Magazine’s Michigan Truth Tour, a statewide roadshow attempting to ground the upcoming state election in fact and discussion of the state’s most important issues. Flint Township is one of more than 100 communities the Michigan Truth Squad is visiting ensuring that all residents have equal access to reliable information they can use to prepare to vote.

Details: Visit — G.G.

Summer taxes due Sept. 14

FLINT TWP. — Summer property tax bills are due on Sept. 14 by the end of the work day. Treasurer Lisa Anderson said the offices at 1490 S. Dye Rd. will be open on Sept. 14 until 5:30 p.m. to collect taxes. If you cannot bring your tax bill by that time, you must mail it and have it postmarked by midnight the day before. — G.G.

Board buys new file server

FLINT TWP. — The Flint Township Board of Trustee voted unanimously, Aug. 20, to purchase a new computer file server from IT Right to replace or work in conjunction with the current file server, which is almost at capacity. The cost will be $7,411.80. Officials said the process of archiving the server is taking up a lot of space. — G.G.

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