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Gov. Whitmer appoints Andrew Brisbo as Marijuana Regulatory Agency Executive Director

LANSING — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer today appointed Andrew D. Brisbo, of East Lansing, as the Marijuana Regulatory Agency Executive Director.

“Andrew will be critical in determining and achieving solutions as we develop new Marijuana regulations in Michigan,” Whitmer said. “He brings a wealth of expert knowledge on this subject, which will be essential through this implementation process while protecting Michigan residents.”

Andrew D. Brisbo currently serves as director of the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). Previous to this position, he served as the state division administrator for the licensing division for the Department. Mr. Brisbo will serve at the pleasure of the Governor. His appointment is subject to the advice and consent of the Senate. — G.G.

Individuals eligible for Homestead property tax credit

LANSING — Individuals with a household income of $60,000 or less a year may be eligible for a Homestead Property Tax Credit, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

Michigan’s Homestead Property Tax Credit can help taxpayers if they are a qualified homeowner or renter and meet certain requirements. For most people, the tax credit is based on a comparison between property taxes and total household resources, with homeowners paying property taxes directly and renters paying them indirectly with their rent.

Changes to the Homestead Property Tax Credit for 2018 mean more taxpayers will be eligible for the credit and the credit calculation is more generous. Taxpayers should check to see if they are eligible even if they have not claimed a credit in recent years.

During the 2017 tax year, almost 1 million taxpayers claimed the Homestead Property Tax credit, totaling about $530 million with an average credit at $533.

Taxpayers may claim a Homestead Property Tax Credit if ALL the following apply:

Your homestead is in Michigan

You were a resident of Michigan for at least six months during the year

You own or are contracted to pay rent and occupy a Michigan homestead on which property taxes were levied

If you own your home, your taxable value is $135,000 or less (unless unoccupied farmland)

Your total household resources are $60,000 or less

Taxpayers who are required to file a state income tax return should claim the Homestead Property Tax Credit with their return. Taxpayers may file a Homestead Property Tax Credit claim by itself.

Details: Visit and click on “Credits and Exemptions” at the bottom of the page. — G.G.

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