In brief

Emterra unable to handle more waste

DAVISON TWP. — Emterra Waste is asking residents to not put out more than normal household waste and recycling. Emterra said they realize many people have time on their hands and are cleaning their homes, but the waste hauling company cannot deal with the high volumes of trash that is at the curb. Last week was more than three times the normal volume. While Emterra has kept with normal services, the other companies have not.

If you have done cleaning around your house, Emterra is asking you please hold that waste until the pandemic is over. Emterra said it is doing its best to service the community, while doing what is best for its workers. They said they are focused on trash and recycling first and compost will be picked as soon as possible. Due to the high volumes of trash, compost will possibly be a delayed pick up. — G.G.

Davison schools purchase textbooks

DAVISON — The Davison Board of Education approved spending nearly $300,000 for textbook and curriculum resources for the 2020-21 school year, last month. Subject areas include social studies for grades 5-8, Civil War, physics and sociology for high school and English language arts for Davison High School and Davison Alternative Education. The proposed materials were recommended by the district’s Advisory Curriculum Council (ACC) and reviewed by the Board’s Curriculum Committee.

Please pick up

SWARTZ CREEK — Remember if you’re heading out for a walk, please don’t throw empty water bottles or other debris on the ground along the way. One city official reported collecting a garbage bag full of trash from the area around the Performing Arts Center. — L.R.

Burn permits suspended in some areas

Mundy Township residents are advised that the fire department is not issuing burn permits and burning is prohibited throughout the township until further notice, per fire Chief Ed Blight.

“This will keep our firefighters limited to just life essential fire calls,” Blight posted on the department’s Facebook page.

Gaines Township also is not issuing burn permits at this time.

In Swartz Creek and Clayton Township, fire Chief Dave Plumb has not yet issued a burn ban. Open burns and recreation pit fires are allowed in the township with a burn permit. Call 810-635-2300.

However, leaves and grass, building construction material and trash may not be burned. Burning also is prohibited in high winds, and when smoke is bothering neighbors or causing a nuisance. All fires must be attended.

In the City of Swartz Creek, all burning is prohibited except by approval of the Swartz Creek City Council. — L.R.

City to restore water service

FLUSHING — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has issued Executive Order 2020-28 (COVID-19), Restoring Water Service to Occupied Residences during the COVID- 19 Pandemic. As a result, the City of Flushing will be restoring water service to any occupied residence where water has been shut off due to nonpayment, so long as the public water supply does not have reason to believe that a reconnection would create a risk to public health.

As a precautionary measure, Department of Public Works (DPW) staff have posted a notice at properties in the city with no water supply to confirm occupancy status. Please contact Flushing City Hall by email at or by phone at 810- 762-5710, if you are occupying a residence with no water supply due to nonpayment. — B.G.

City closes playgrounds

FLUSHING — In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the city has closed off public access to playground equipment. Residents can continue to use the trails and open space in the city parks while engaged in social distancing. This action is not taken lightly and falls in line with similar actions taken by county partners and recommendations received from the state and federal government in flattening the curve associated with COVID-19. — B.G.

Flushing City Hall closes to the public

FLUSHING — Flushing City Hall and associated buildings are closed to the public until April 13. Only critical infrastructure workers will be reporting to work during this time. Critical infrastructure workers include those in the following sectors: law enforcement, water and wastewater and public works. Residents are encouraged to conduct business with the City of Flushing via U.S. mail, the City Hall drop boxes, email or online at These measures have been taken by the city in accordance with the state’s Shelter in Place order, which was signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). — B.G.