Flint Township View

In brief

“Ra”men Sushi coming to Davison Township

DAVISON TWP. — The township announced Feb. 8 at the Davison Township Board of Trustees meeting that “Ra”men Sushi will be opening a restaurant in the strip plaza being built next door to Taco Bell at Irish and Lapeer roads.

The sushi bar and restaurant chain has 82 locations across the United States. The official opening date for the restaurant has not been announced. — G.G.

Public hearing for lighting district scheduled

DAVISON TWP. — There will be public hearings for the Rivershire and Carriage Trail street lighting districts on March 8 at 7:10 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. at the board’s regularly scheduled Zoom meeting.

When asked if the public would be able to attend, Supervisor Jim Slezak said the township is still required to hold Zoom meetings because of meeting restrictions and added he thinks the township needs to wrap-up the long running debate over these street lighting districts.

“With this issue and the next, this has been going on for quite a long time, a long time before the new administration got here,” said Supervisor Jim Slezak. “We want to be done with this. Get it finished up.”

The hearing will determine if the subdivision will be buying its streetlights from Consumers Energy directly, making the company responsible for their maintenance. — G.G.

Council approves compensation commission recommendation

DAVISON — The Davison City Council approved the recommendation of the city compensation commission to keep the stipends paid to elected officials the same this year by a vote of 6-1.

Mayor Tim Bishop said the commission meets every odd year to consider payroll changes at the city and is recommending the per-meeting stipends paid to the mayor and council members remain as they currently are — $80 per meeting to the mayor and $70 per meeting for the council.

The mayor and council will also continue to receive mileage for city business at the federally prescribed rate of 56 cents per mile. — G.G.

Scharrer named chairman of Parks and Rec commission

BURTON — The Burton Parks and Recreation Commission voted to appoint member Jeremy Scharrer to the chairmanship of the committee at its Feb. 10 meeting. The appointment was moved by Debra Dunsmore and was seconded by Tina Conley. The vote was 7 in favor with one absence.

The commission also approved Sandra Talbot for Parks and Recreation vice chairperson, the vote again 7 in favor and one absent. — G.G.