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Farmer to address need for innovation, technology in growing healthier food

BURTON — How farmers are using innovation and technology to grow healthier food while using fewer resources takes center stage Jan. 9, at the regularly scheduled Burton Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Mary Kelpinski of the Michigan Pork Producers Association will address the group at 7:30 a.m. at the ELGA Credit Union located at 2305 South Center Rd. in Burton.

Titled “Farming and Food” the speech by Kelpinski will highlight how ongoing improvements in agricultural science are helping farmers raise better food more efficiently while using fewer natural resources than ever before.

One American farmer now feeds six times as many people as he or she did 50 years ago. “We know we must always keep learning and working to get better at what we do,” said Kelpinski.

The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization projects that 70-percent of the food the world will need by 2050 will have to be produced using efficiency-enhancing technologies. There are simply not enough tillable acres to keep up with the demand for food.

“Farmers have been working for years to improve the quality of pork,” said Kelpinski. “As a result, pigs today are healthier and leaner. In fact, pork tenderloin is now as lean as a skinless chicken breast and is certified by the American Heart Association as a heart-healthy food. I’d like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for giving me an opportunity to tell modern agriculture’s story of innovation, quality and environmental stewardship.”

Kelpinski is one of 68,000 U.S. pork producers in the United States. Michigan pork production contributes over $343 million to the state’s economy and supports 5,300. — G.G.

Loeb Trust lends support to Foundation for Mott Community College

FLINT — The Foundation for Mott Community College is announcing its gratitude to the Stella & Frederick Loeb Charitable Trust for its ongoing support. This year, the Loeb Trust gave generously to the Mott, Motown & More Lip Sync show and the Ballenger Eminent Persons Lecture Series.

The Loeb Trust donated $2,500 and $500, respectively, to the two MCC programs which continue to gain broad community support and attention.

Mott, Motown & More annually showcases community leaders who lip sync songs to create the most memorable performances, all to benefit MCC students in need.

The Ballenger Lecture Series this year featured ABC television’s Shark Tank star Daymond John for a keynote address on entrepreneurship. John also is the creator of the FUBU clothing line.

The Ballenger Lecture Series was created in 1955 through a generous gift by the Ballenger Trust to enhance educational opportunities for students at MCC as well as create a public discussion of issues facing the greater Flint community. Details: Call 810-762-0425. — G.G.

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