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Tax break approved for Hougen Manufacturing

FLINT TWP. — After a public hearing at which no one raised objections, the township board approved a 12-year Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption (IFT) for Hougen Manufacturing, 3001 Hougen Dr. The company plans to build a 30,000 square-foot production and warehouse addition at a cost of about $7.5 million. It is expected to add six new jobs to a current staff of 140 employees. An IFT is a tax incentive offered to manufacturers to assist with renovation and/or expansion of aging facilities, building new facilities, and establishing high-tech facilities. Hougen will receive a 50 percent tax break on the new build for the 12-year period. — R.S.

Ordinance amendments OK’d

FLINT TWP. — After a second reading, amendments to the township’s sewer, water and telecommunications ordinances were unanimously approved by the township board of trustees. Changes to the water and sewer ordinances change the grace period for delinquent payments before shutoffs. The telecommunications amendment tightens township control over placement of cable towers allowed under the Metro Act. The change will address such problems as cable installations destroying pavement and not being repaired. A permit process will require before and after pictures of installation sites. — R.S.

Resident requests enforcement of handicapped parking laws

FLINT TWP. — Daniel Parks, a disabled township resident, complained to the township board about recent problems he has had with accessing handicapped parking. He asked that police enforce the laws. Speaking during public comment, Parks recounted a recent experience at a local restaurant where he spotted several vehicles parked in designated handicapped spots but not displaying a handicapped plate or sign. He called township police who responded promptly but excused drivers of the vehicles as perhaps “forgetting” to display a sign. Parks said he especially resented the officer making a rude and dismissive gesture as he left without doing anything about the uncredentialled vehicles. Parks also complained that he reported the incident to the police department and township hall but no one responded to his calls. “Every step I take hurts,” Parks said of his disability and the consequence of being blocked from accessible parking, which he said he encounters frequently.

Cop shooter sentenced

FLINT TWP. — Police Chief George Sippert reported to the board that Christopher Washington, who shot a township officer during an altercation last year, has been sentenced to 23 to 47 years in prison. Washington, 58, shot Officer Michael Officer Michael Schuyler during a confrontation at the Hometown Inn on Miller Road. Washington also was shot during the exchanged of gunfire. A jury convicted him last month on 13 felony counts. “I don’t think he will be set free for the rest of his life,” said Chief Sippert. — R.S.

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