In times of need:

community members stepping
up to
help during COVID-19 crisis

DAVISON — Area residents continue to step up during the coronavirus outbreak and the weeks old stay-at-home order to do their part to help out.

Two small Davison businesses, MI A Perfect Stitch and Roberts Painting, are helping out during this time by offering their services to help fight the coronavirus and to keep people safe.

Makenna Bauldry, owner of MI A Perfect Stitch, a small sewing business, has made more than 200 masks and provided them free to hospital workers, EMTs and urgent care staff.

Bauldry said her boyfriend’s family, who own Cross Veterinary Clinic, 5490 Ali Dr, Grand Blanc, provided her with the material and asked her to make the masks.

She said she does the work from home, out of her basement. Bauldry started the business in August 2019 and under normal circumstances she makes pillowcases, scrunchies, hair accessories, Apple watch bands and doggy bandanas.

She said the business mostly handles “small gigs” and it was something she decided to do after a 7th grade teen survival class taught her how to sew.

“I decided to start sewing things on my mom’s 1970s sewing machine,” said Bauldry. “I’ve been using that, it’s been a fun hobby to do.”

Now, she can add personal protection masks to her specialties.

“I do the sewing, my boyfriend (Drew Fleming) helps periodically,” said Bauldry. “I did it in eight days, working my butt off downstairs I’m also a full-time student at UM-Flint, so it was stressful, but manageable.”

She made 216 masks before the fabric ran out.

Donated to everybody, free Cross Veterinary in GB donated the supplies – they paid for them mostly – they were the huge reason.

As for the people who received her masks, she only knows a few of them, but she hopes they have somehow helped those people during these times.

“It was kind of a relief helping all these medical personnel out there,” said Bauldry. “Many were willing to pay, but they were free, thanks to Cross Veterinary Clinic. They came to us with it – they donated the money to make the masks.”

Bauldry said her business can be found on Facebook, MI Perfect Stitch (business), Instagram: @ miperfectstitch, and Twitter: @ MIPerfectStitch.

William Richards, owner of Richards Painting in Davison, has converted his paint spraying equipment into disinfectant sprayers and is offering to disinfect everything from shopping carts to dialysis machines for only the cost of the disinfectant.

Richards said being in the paint business work is slow right now because he has to minimize contact with the public. He said because he has sprayers he normally uses for painting; he has converted them for dispensing disinfectant spray.

“(I’ll do it) not even for the cost of materials,” said Richards. “I purchased some materials to get started, but if somebody wanted to donate money or disinfectant, I’ll do it.”

He said the whole purpose of his offer is to help the community.

“If someone wants extra security, if having a clean door handle is something that gives you some kind of mindset, I’m just trying to help out,” he said.

Details: Call 810-597-9251.