Is he the next Triple Crown winner?

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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Kentucky Derby winner was American Pharaoh. I hope all you horse betters followed the Fat Guy’s winning selection I gave you in last week’s column. I know I followed my own advice and scored a nice big winning ticket. I also know a few people who went against the Fat Guy and chose a horse named Carpe Diem. Shame on those boys for not listening to me! They all know who they are! Oh, well, it’s money never to be recovered and maybe a lesson learned for all those involved.

I really thought it was an exciting Kentucky Derby overall. The best horse won the race and I like American Pharaoh to win the Preakness. This American Pharaoh is the real deal, trust me on that. Stay tuned and pay attention to the next possible Triple Crown winner in American Pharaoh.

Stinking up the town

The Detroit Red Wings made my prediction a big fat loser. I picked the Red Wings in seven games. The loss of Niklas Kronwall, who was suspended for what I thought was not a suspend-able hit on a Tampa Bay player hurt the hockey team bad. Kronwall is the leader and veteran of the defense for Detroit. I also thought the play of Henrik Zetterberg was brutal. He ended up with zero goals in the series. Henrik looked very slow skating in this series, which is not good looking ahead to next season. Pavel Datsyuk scored three goals and played well. The goaltending of Petr Mrazek was above average for a rookie playoff goaltender. The best player of the whole series was the Red Wings’ penalty killers, especially Drew Miller and Luke Glendening. I thought Glendening was absolutely fabulous the entire series. The playoff streak may have continued at 24 straight years but it left me wanting more than a first round exit. Am I the only one who feels this way? The next question is, have we seen Mike Babcock’s last days as coach of the Detroit Red Wings? Detroit needs to re-sign Babcock to a contract. Mike is the best coach in the NHL, in my opinion. I believe Kenny Holland and Babcock will be in serious negotiations in the next week or two. Hockey Town is down and out and it stinks.

The picks are in

The Detroit Lions 2015 NFL Draft is all over and I thought they did pretty well in filling in some holes on their football team. The first pick was Laken Tomlinson, a guard from Duke. He plays with a nasty attitude and a mean streak. I like the selection substance over flash. The next pick in the second round of Ameer Abdullah, the running back from Nebraska, was a tremendous pick in my opinion. He runs with a smooth start-and-stop gear.

He runs hard and has a very high football IQ, too. Detroit needs to run the football and he might be the right fit. I loved this pick to tell you the honest truth. Let’s hope he performs like I think he will in the Lions’ uniform. In the third round, Detroit went with Alex Carter, a cornerback out of Stanford. In the fourth round, Detroit went with Gabe Wright, a defensive tackle from Auburn. Let’s hope Wright isn’t as lazy as Nick Fairley was from Auburn. I really don’t know much about Carter, the DB from Stanford. Let’s hope all the picks Detroit made in 2015 end up making the Lions’ roster. How many times have we all seen the Detroit Lions fail at selecting the right players in the draft? I could list every name and it would be the whole column! I hope Roy Williams, Mike Williams and Chuck Rogers are enjoying their retirement from the NFL! What a nightmare those names bring back!

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