It feels right to have Trump gone

In response to Theresa Weigand’s letter to the editor of Jan.28, entitled “Something Doesn’t Feel Right”, I can only ask: “Are you kidding?” Are you really in favor of trading in your democracy for a crazy cult? You speak of unfair beliefs and practices…are these your own?

After four years of daily chaos perpetrated by a complete fool, it certainly feels not only right but positively fantastically right and uplifting to get our country back and out of the hands of a treason-ist, misogynist, money hungry bigoted white supremacist liar! We almost didn’t make it!

The insurrection of Jan. 6 with its murderous intentions of killing our vice president and members of Congress in order to overturn the November presidential election, was a disgrace, a failure, and a shame that we will not easily erase from world history! We, the shining city on a hill illuminating for all to see: DEMOCRACY!

If Ms. Weigand does not know the difference between journalism and propaganda, the difference between social media observations and outright lies about facts and the dreaming up of alternative facts as the excuse, then Ms. Weigand might want to bone up on her history and start by exploring the definition of a political party and a cult!

The philosopher Voltaire observed in the 1600s that those people who subscribe to absurdities will eventually subscribe to atrocities. This became manifest in 2020 under Trump! It feels so right to have him gone! It feels like we are once again living in AMERICA! — Anne Fischer, Burton