Flint Township View

It will take more than a millage to fix Michigan

Letter to the Editor regarding the article: “Mental health millage, 911 surcharge to be placed on May ballot” [February 4, 2021 Edition].

There is but one way to correct the current overall mental status of Michigan residents; Genesee County in particular! No millage, no amount of effort by DHHS, or psychiatric intervention is capable of fixing the problems that have ensued the ripple effect of COVID-19 in the State of Michigan.

Loss of businesses, jobs, financial stability, on-going quarantine/ separation/isolation, etc. All are responsible for the current mental status of Michiganders and there is no amount of counseling, prescribing, no chill-pill that is capable of replacing those losses.

Any person with common sense and reasoning could articulate; it is inconceivable, given the current status of our state and its people, that the Genesee County Board would place any millage (effective immediately – 2021) before people who have just met with such severe environmental deprivation.


“It’s the only road back to financial, emotional, mental health recovery!” — Loretta Wilson, Montrose Township