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The end of July is here sports fans. That means NFL training camps are kicking off. The college football season is so close I can taste it. The golf season isn’t coming to a close but the last major of the season is this weekend.

Let’s also remember the baseball trade deadline is August 1. I really believe the action will be hot and heavy this year due to the fact so many teams are alive in the wildcard races. The wheeling and dealing in baseball got started by the Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees. The Cubs acquired Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman for four Chicago Cubs prospects. The main prospect was shortstop Gleyber Torres, a player many think will be an All-Star sometime soon.

Does this move make the Cubs the front runners to win the World Series? I would have to say, yes. The Cubs’ bullpen was only 14th in MLB with a 12-12 record and a 3.83 ERA. We all know Chapman can bring the 100 mph heater to the plate. He is a huge difference maker.

Is the Cubs’ World Series drought going to be over? Well, maybe, just maybe, it will be.

The Cubs will be a great watch come this post season. As a matter of fact, I just bought a Cubs shirt a few days ago, as I am officially on the bandwagon!

This Chris Sale story is a true head scratcher. He was suspended five games by the White Sox for refusing to wear the 1976 throwback uniforms. He proceeded to cut them up with scissors.

I am laughing while writing this because I just can’t help myself. Chris’ reason was they were uncomfortable and had collars on them. He also said the baseball team was more worried about “PR and jersey sales” then winning. Hey, Chris, they have to pay for your $9 million and change salary! What an idiot and mental midget he must be. The suspension cost him $250,000 and another $12,700 in jersey damages. I loved the throwback look, personally! I say, grow up Mr. Sale.

Final major of the season

The last golf major, the PGA Championship, takes place this weekend. The event is taking place in Springfield, New Jersey at the Baltusrol Golf Club Lower Course. The defending champion is Jason Day. One story to watch is Phil Mickelson this weekend.

Can Phil bounce back from that tough British Open loss to Henrik Stenson? I have a feeling that Phil will play really well this weekend and build off of that great performance at Royal Troon.

Phil won the last PGA Championship held at Baltusrol. I love the fact that the three major winners, Danny Willet the Masters winner, U.S. Open winner Dustin Johnson and British Open winner Stenson all play together. Their tee time is set for 1:45 p.m. on Thursday. Here is another notable pairing of Mickelson: Rory McIlroy and Day at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday. The PGA Championship should provide some excellent and exciting golf this coming weekend. My winning selection is Jordan Spieth.

Real dumb Bell

How smart is Le’Veon Bell one must ask themselves? One Mr. Bell is suspended four games for missed drug tests. He was in trouble in 2014 for drug issues. I have an idea for Bell. Why don’t you quit wrecking your career because you like smoking weed? Here is another brain surgeon thought for Mr. Bell: I would be worried about my next contract with all the drug issues and injury problems you have suffered. Once your NFL career is over you can smoke all the “wacky tobaccky” you want. I keep asking myself, how can these guys just toss away money and careers over stupid choices? I will always wonder why and just continue to shake my head.


The Olympics are getting closer as the games open on Aug. 5 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I can honestly say I am not much for the summer Olympics at all. However, I will probably watch some of it because it will be on the television.

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