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The college football playoff picture is getting more clear after last week’s action. I think three positions are absolutely locked down. The winner of the Big Ten Championship game between Iowa and Michigan State gets in. The Oklahoma Sooners are in for sure after destroying Oklahoma State last weekend and The Alabama Crimson Tide are in. “What?” you ask. They still have to play Florida and win to get in. Let me tell you, that’s a done deal if you saw Florida’s offense play. The Gators will not score a point against the Tide.

The only spot in my mind possibly available will be Clemson’s spot. Clemson has not been impressive lately and has a very tough game in North Carolina this weekend. If the Clemson Tigers win, they are in. If the North Carolina Tar Heels win, let the big debate take place as to who gets in from there. It could be Ohio State, North Carolina or Stanford. One thing is for sure, the playoff committee is rooting for Clemson because all debating will be off the table.

The Iowa and Michigan State game will be a beauty to watch. There are numerous college football fans who think Iowa is overrated. I am one of them.

However, the Hawkeyes can prove me wrong with a victory. The Spartans have everything they could ever ask for and that is controlling their own destiny. I see that currently the boys from Vegas have installed Sparty as three-point favorites. I am thinking this is Michigan State’s time to shine on Saturday night. Michigan State is headed to the college football playoffs. The prediction: A Large Sparty Party 24 and Fields of Corn 17.

Big Shame

The Big Game between Michigan and Ohio State became The Big Shame. What the heck was that, Michigan? I thought the defense was supposed to be tough. It was Swiss cheese tough. The linebackers play was totally nonexistent. Jim Harbaugh better have them on his recruiting list. I was so disgusted watching that game.

The positive note is coach Harbaugh has Michigan headed in the right direction. A 9-3 record is way over what anyone expected when the season began. The outlook in Ann Arbor, Michigan is a bright Maize and Blue.

Extra helping of love

The Lions made the turkey taste better last Thursday with a whipping of the Eagles. The lovable losers have now ripped off three wins in a row. It is so nice that they did it after eliminating themselves from the playoffs in October.

The horrible part is, we will be stuck with Jim Caldwell for another season. That’s my gut feeling, anyway. I am looking forward to the Green Bay Packers game today at Ford Field. I would love to see the Lions sweep the season series from the Packers. It is my last home game of the year. The prediction: The Packers 31 and Meowwws 27.

Kitties making moves

The Tigers have added Jordan Zimmermann to the starting rotation for a five-year $110-million deal.

Jordan comes over from the Washington Nationals. He had 178 career starts as a two-time All-Star. He went 70-50 with a 3.32 ERA. I like the fact the Tigers are making moves. My biggest fear was that Detroit thought last year was just a fluke bad year. I think they realize it was not.

It’s a great move to bolster the pitching staff. I will not miss strike three Alex Avila, either. I say to the Chicago White Sox, it was the worst $2.5 million you have ever spent! We will welcome you back to Comerica Park in the summer of 2016 as a visitor.

Here we go back to NFL picks after taking a week off. It would be nice to close out the season on a nice winning streak.

Green Bay – 3 over DETROIT
CHICAGO – 6.5 over San Fran.
TENN. – 2.5 over Jacksonville
BUFFALO – 3 over Houston
MIAMI – 4.5 over Baltimore
Carolina – 7 over NEW ORL.
MINNESOTA + 1 over Seattle
ST. LOUIS + 6 over Arizona
TAMPA BAY – 2 over Atlanta
N.Y. GIANTS – PK over N.Y. Jets
SAN DIEGO + 4.5 over Denver
OAKLAND + 3 over Kansas City
NEW ENG. – 8 over Philadelphia
PITTSBURGH – 5 over Indianapolis
Dallas + 4 over WASH.
SEASON: 69-85-5

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